Motivation – You Can Find It Everywhere


You ever feel like the light at the end of the tunnel seems really dim. That regardless of your efforts, the needle barely moves – if at all. These times are certainly tough and it can really consume us. Zap us of our drive, our energy and our focus. And when these things fade, that metaphorical hill can seem insurmountable.

This week I got a double dose of immense motivation. So powerful that I can truly feel it and that’s not being cheesy/cliche/dramatic. I consumed two valuable pieces of content that just made me feel (deeply) and it was as though they poured gasoline on my inner fire.

Amy Cuddy – Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – Ted Talk 

This may not be the most recent of Ted Talks but that certainly does not diminish its meaning.

I think that at one point or another, we’ve heard about the importance of body language. Sometimes, it can speak louder than your words can. Body language can present a message of pure confidence or it can present you as an incredibly meek person. More often than not, the latter comes into play during times where we lack confidence. Whether it’s due to intimidation, huge social gatherings, a lack of knowledge, etc, etc.

Amy speaks candidly of her journey of overcoming an incredibly severe accident where the hope of even finishing college was an afterthought and speaking in front of large groups scared her to death because she felt like she didn’t fit in. She highlights how the accident robbed her of some her intellect (IQ dropped 2 standard deviations) and all throughout her journey she carried a sense of not belonging.

Fast forward to today and Amy graduated college, grad school, is currently a professor at Harvard Business School and is a world renowned social psychologist.

Moral of the story…

“Fake it until you become it”

What does this mean? Well, Amy was finally established as a teacher when she came across a student who was essentially non-existent in her class. Amy told the student that she had to participate or else she would be forced to fail her. The student quickly let her know that she didn’t feel like she belonged, that she’s not supposed to be in her class (alluding to the fact that she’s incompetent). Amy was hit with two goosebump inducing thoughts. First of which is that she didn’t feel like that anymore. The second being that the student did in fact belong there. She told the student that tomorrow you’re going to make yourself feel powerful. You’re going to participate to the point where everyone is amazed with your answer. Faking it until you become it…

We can either choose to be consumed by our fears, our thoughts of inferiority. Or we can decide to put our best foot forward, roll with the punches and learn as much as we can along the way. We all start off somewhere. Day by day we strive to get better and what was once a daunting and crippling task becomes second nature to us.

Go out there into the world, hold your head up high (maybe beat on your chest a bit) and show the world you’re not afraid.

Gary Vaynerchuk – Ignore Your Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses – that is a fact! And if you say you don’t … well I applaud your confidence (or question your perception of reality).

Don’t focus so much on your weaknesses. Wouldn’t it be much more beneficial to focus on your strengths? Don’t worry so much about addressing your weaknesses – the rest of the world will take care of that. Be so incredibly obsessed & focused on your strengths that you lose sight of those weaknesses.

Weakness is one of the ball & chains of life. The more we focus on them, the slower we’ll journey down the path of success.

In order to be successful, we need to be our #1 fan, our own biggest supporter. If we can’t cheer for ourselves, how can we expect others to do that?

Take pride in your strengths and use that as the fuel you need to get you to your destination. The winners are not the ones that addressed their weaknesses (because no one is perfect). They are the ones that respect their strengths more.



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