The Swoob: Your New Workout Bosom Buddy

“Due to rising temperatures, we will NOT be accepting BOOB or SOCK Money!”

That was the headline a few weeks ago when a Kentucky convenience store owner began refusing to accept any sweaty money out of men and women’s shirts and shoes. – Well I don’t know about you guys but that just doesn’t work for me. I keep all things that I deem to be important near and dear to my heart (both figuratively and literally) … and I’ve done so, pretty sweat free in-fact, to the credit of the ‘Swoob.’

What’s the ‘Swoob’ you ask? – It’s a product that has taken my workouts to a whole new level.

Don’t own wireless headphones?? – Neither do I. (Mostly because I love my ‘Yurbuds’… but we’ll get to those later in another blog post.)

Ever get really uncomfortable with your arm band once your bicep pump goes into full effect?? – Um.. YEAH.. All the time!

Ever need a place to store your phone, ipod, keys, chapstick, few bucks for a post-run beverage and have 0 pockets in your yoga pants or shorts?? – Story. Of. My. Life!

Ever throw said item in your sports bra just to have it fall out once you get the dreaded boob sweat percolating?!?!?! – I think you get the picture here…

Well I discovered the ‘Swoob’ (which I can only assume stands for ‘sweaty boob’) about a year and a half ago when I began lifting and I became obsessed! …They have become my “Go To” sports bras for all of my workouts.  I just wish I could have thought of it and taken it to Shark Tank before they launched it! Now.. I do own 3 of them.. and I do have a hierarchy as to which is my favorite and which is my least favorite – and in that order they are:


  1.       Luana Cross Strap Pocket Sports Bra ($30): Luana 1

Pros: Good amount of stretch, pocket holds my iPhone 6 snuggly, Super soft fabric, Removable liner inserts, Very Comfortable

Cons: If I sweat intensely my iPhone camera begins to fog

Rating: 9/10


  1.       Athena Pocket Sports Bra ($28) Athena 2

Pros: Cute checkered strap design in the back

Cons: Fabric does not contain as much stretch which makes it slightly difficult to put on and take off, Foggy camera if the sweat begins to percolate – Mid workout swelfie will have to wait a minute

Rating: 7/10


  1.       Gecko Hot Yoga Quick Dry Pocket Bralette ($30) Gecko 1

Pros: Comes in a fun bright color, Super soft fabric, No itchy seems

Cons: Low Impact (Duh.. Should have really paid attention to the word “yoga” and suffix “-lette” in the name), Everything I put in the pocket slips out when I bend over (So what’s the point?!?), Not as supportive as my other 2 Swoobs

Rating: 5/10


Overall, I think the Swoob is the perfect solution to an active woman’s everyday problems. It’s my go-to when I’m lifting just about anything that requires me to use a muscle from the waist up. As an added bonus, the company believes in exercise to be fit – not skinny and their website has an entire section dedicated to real women called #‎SwoobFit girls and #‎FitMoms . All in all it’s just a great company and I’ll definitely be purchasing more Swoobs in the future.

Note:  I have not been contacted by Swoob to conduct this review. The views given here are mine and mine alone, and were given with no compensation or product. I purchased the product out of my own pocket.

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