Satisfy That Sweet Tooth – #PrepLife

So according to the WBFF’s website, I am currently 44 days out. This means that the diet is getting tighter and tighter by the day. Everyone who has ever done a prep before knows that the goal is to learn your body down to a science. Understanding what needs to be controlled in order to bring about the best possible physique on stage. Unfortunately for me, one of those variables is sugar intake.

Those that know me know that I have an incredible sweet tooth. Anything that falls into the dessert category is in my wheelhouse. Donuts, cookies, pies, ice cream – I do not discriminate. So it’s not shocking that limiting sugar is a huge mental battle (I’m currently hovering under 15g per day). This is why I must always seek out or create unique ways to keep my inner fat kid at bay.

Today I want to share one of my latest creations which has become a staple meal in my day to day prep…

Oatmeal – Sweet Potato Cakes

This recipe is super simple and easy to make. All you’ll need is 5 ingredients and roughly 15 minutes to make. Great for a post workout meal.



~ Oatmeal – 2 servings 

~ Sugar Free Maple Syrup – 1 serving 

~ Sugar Free/Fat Free Jello – Your Choice of Flavor! – 1 serving

  • I have been using the Cheesecake Flavor recently

~ Microwaveable Sweet Potato – 4 o.z.

~ Fat Free Whipped Cream – at 1g Carb per serving, I’ll leave that up to you


~ Microwave Sweet Potato and set aside 4 ounces

~ Microwave Oatmeal – looking for a dryer consistency

~ While Oatmeal is in microwave, heat up pan to medium heat

~ In a bowl, mix oatmeal, sweet potato, jello and 1/2 serving of maple syrup until you create a batter consistency

~ Form 2 cakes (If you have ring molds, might be easier)

~ Heat in pan for about 3 – 5 minutes each side until golden brown

~ Drizzle rest of maple syrup and be generous with the whipped cream

  • Pro tip – Feel free to add almond or peanut butter

~ Enjoy!!!




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