Fitness Myths – Episode 2 – Carbs After Dark

“Oh no!! 10 minutes till sundown and I still have 100g of Carbs left!! Whatever am I to do?!”

I really, really feel bad for carbs. They get demonized all the time and made out to be the bad guy. But you have fats over there sitting in the corner laughing, clocking in at 9 calories per gram. All carbs want is to be loved, because lets face it, they allow us to make wonderfully delicious donuts…

Lets take a moment to appreciate carbs…

If I had a dime for every time I heard the line “I can’t eat carbs before I go to bed or else I’ll get fat” – I would have a lot of dimes.

Lets be real here people … Carbs after dark is not the problem. It is a surplus past your daily need of carbs after dark that is the problem. Burning fat requires eating fewer calories than what you’re burning – Calories In vs Calories Out. Doesn’t get simpler than that. It really doesn’t matter if you choose to eat them during the day, at night (like actually dark out night) or a combination of both.


I currently have 3 high carb days in my week, which has ranged from 350 to 400g of carbs. I cannot tell you the number of times I have had more than half of that total after dark. And I am still losing weight. This is because I understand what I need to eat and I make it a point to hit those goals as close as I can.

Our weight loss is not predicated on one meal. Or one instance where we ate carbs late at night and went straight to bed. (Interesting fact – individuals who exercise regularly tend to have an increased metabolic rate during sleep. Thanks to Layne Norton for doing that research.) Our weight loss is the sum of repeated, consistent efforts aimed at certain goals. Those goals are daily macronutrient targets to hit. The closer we are to those targets, the closer we get to our desired fat loss. Not understanding what you’re putting in your body, tracking your daily food intake and just throwing out blanket statements is what leads us down the path to failure.

By no means am I advocating having the majority of your carbs after dark. What I am saying though,  is that consuming some carbs at night will not stall your fat loss or impair your ability to do so. I think that bag of chips or pint of Ben & Jerry’s (past surplus) will gladly do that for you.


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