We’re going to World’s!!!

11 DAYS OUT!!!

As of this article being published, we are exactly 11 days out from the WBFF World Championships.

But I sit here writing this article a week before, so technically we’re 18 days out.

Mind blown?…

My last show was April 4th, 2015. It didn’t go exactly as planned. That prep was harder than I ever could have imagine. It was the first prep I went through with a significant other (who wasn’t prepping for her own show). Needless to say, it was a learning experience. My company decided to schedule our Global Conference 3 weeks before my show… In Berlin. That took me out of my comfort area for 7 days, without proper meal prepping, a decent gym or a proper schedule. Last but not least, this was my first pro show so when it came to executing on stage and showcasing my hard work – I froze, I choked, I was less than stellar.

From the second that show was over, I made the decision that I would be back on stage next year. Bigger, better, more conditioned and without a doubt – 100 times more confident. And there was no stage better suited to satisfy this burning fire than the WBFF World’s Stage. So that was it. I had mentally committed to the idea of jumping in the ring and hanging with the big boys…

(Show day 2015 WBFF Montreal on top. 3 weeks out 2016 WBFF World’s on bottom)

Everything I have done since then has been with the intention of getting me one step closer to my long-term goal of competing at World’s. I have tracked macros for about 98% of the time (there were some vacations – can I live?!?) which has allowed me to build my caloric maintenance level to about 3,400 calories per day. Every workout I’ve done has been with a purpose. Focusing in on strength, hypertrophy and building as symmetrical a body as I can.

It’s seriously unbelievable to see how time flies. 16 months have flown by like it was nothing. It is also unbelievable to see the progress that has been made. As I sit here and reflect at all of the hard work, so many gains have been made and so many donuts have been eaten. I have already far surpassed the man that stepped on that stage last year and there is still room to improve.

(2 days out 2015 WBFF Montreal on left. 10 days out 2016 WBFF World’s on right)

Now, lets make one thing clear. My life goal has not been singular (competing in World’s). I don’t want you guys thinking that that’s all I think about – 24/7. Not in the slightest. I have enjoyed many incredible events since then. Went to Cali for the first time, went back to Cali for Coachella, launched my personal training business, adopted a child (aka my dog Shadow), watched my gf go from avid gym rat to a competing Fitness Diva, and so many more experiences.

What I do want to come through in writing this is that there are goals that we all can hang our hat on. That drive us and that while we pour our heart, sweat and tears into it – the indirect result is that we grow in other aspects of our life. This is one of those goals for me. I have poured everything I have into this prep. But the foundation built leading up to this show has allowed me to evolve into a much better version of me.

11 Days out (or 18 – depends how you look at it). Let’s Get It!

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