We’re Going to Worlds!!! Pt. 2


96 hours stand between me and the WBFF World’s stage.

I am literally all the feels right now:

  • Excited … To show off my hard work and the finished product that I’ve worked so hard to craft
  • Nervous … Did I do enough? Did I really give it all I had? Am I good enough?
  • Proud … I am so passionate about this goal that it fills me with pride to know I made it. I am just a few days away from completing
  • Anxious … So much hype and build up that I just want to get it over with … And eat some freaking donuts already!!
  • etc etc etc


There is no denying that prepping for a show is hard. Life immediately gets restrictions that it never had before. Those that have done one know. Those that have not … well now you know and  you just can’t live life the way you have been.

However, from my personal experience, prepping during the thick of summer is just bananas. All I want to do is enjoy fully loaded cups of Fro-Yo, enjoy a nice cocktail on a cool summer night and be outside experiencing delicious food. Summer has brought endless company outings, Memorial Day, 4th of July, my roommates birthday, my best friend’s birthday and not to mention my birthday. I for damn sure want cake on my birthday, even if it’s alone in some dark corner so no one judges me … but I did not get cake this year.


I think we get the point. I digress.

However, I sit here being so close to accomplishing this goal, I can’t help but think that no great reward comes without a little sacrifice.

So what if I haven’t had alcohol since before Memorial day. So what if I haven’t been able to feast at company outings. So what if I didn’t get cake on my birthday. Life is about testing your limits. It’s about pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Standing firm in something you believe in even if sometimes it becomes a little hard to do so.

I wouldn’t change anything about this prep. I have done what I love. What I feel is right for me (and if you reference my selfish post – sometimes it is about you). I definitely want to soak up all the next 4 days has to offer and I will be dreaming of that stage every night.


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