Why is it OK for my boyfriend to be half naked on Instagram and not me?

A few months back I posted the following photo to Instagram:



With the following message:



That received the following response from one internet troll:



(Identity protected – Sort of – He IS an actual ass)


Now, this troll is not a stranger, he actually happens to be a friend of a friend. A friend of a friend, who hasn’t really interacted with me in person OR on social media for at least 2 years. BUT somehow felt it necessary to come out from under the bridge he lives and leave that comment on my post (and by the way, didn’t even bother “liking” the photo to go along with it).


A few months before that, I posted my half way point prep transformation photo to Bodybuilding.com’s Bodyspace:



And received the following response from yet another internet troll:



“Good Boobs. Decent body. I’d F@%$ her.”


Not an actual clipping from the page because it has since been deleted by me. (Bodyspace allows you that option in case creepers feel the need to leave degrading, disgusting comments on your content.)


Now, I for one, will be the first to admit I am not all for the whole “sexification” of fitness. The naked girls you see all over Instagram turning what I do into something that isn’t so much inspirational and helpful to other women as it is eye catching to men. (And kind of makes me feel bad about myself – because – let’s face it – I don’t look like that.) But with that said, I don’t happen to find anything in the above photos overly sexual. I’m not dripping in some sort of greasy body oil, I’m not in any provocative poses, I’m not even wearing anything you wouldn’t normally see me in at the beach. So why should it elicit this kind of unwanted and ignorant reaction?


When is it acceptable for me to post a progress pic? When my name is Daniel Guzman and not Luisa Taddeo? Because he posts photos like this all the time:



And you know what kind of responses he receives? The following ones:





I think you get the point.

So why is there a double standard – STILL – in 2016 – to what’s OK for men to do versus what’s OK for women to do, in real life AND on social media. Why should I be afraid to post the pictures I WANT because some troll out there is going to make a comment that’s going to negate my hard work, make me feel bad, or creep me out. The fact is I’m an adult and posting my progress doesn’t give you the right to judge me or disrespect me because I’m a female. I don’t deserve to be thought out to be someone crying out for attention or someone with loose morals.


You know when it’s acceptable for me to post a progress pic? Whenever I damn well please! The photos that I post are for me and no one else. I love fitness and I love feeling strong and empowered.  And if I can inspire someone or make someone else feel the same way – all the more better!! So, if you have a problem with my photos, want to hate on or make fun of me, or want to be a creep … Please just keep it to yourself.

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