Post Show Rebound

So today is your day! Show day has arrived and you’re as ready as you’re going to be. You busted your ass for 8/10/12/14 weeks and you ARE damn proud of the physique you’ve built. Good for you, I am definitely proud of you (and I truly mean that!). The show comes and goes and you place where you place. Soooooo … Now what?! Well, it’s time to freaking eat!!!

Everyone hears the nightmare stories of the dreaded post show rebound. Competitors go off the deep end after weeks and weeks of dieting. Consuming anything and everything in sight and eating to the point of absolute sickness. Can you blame them? After weeks of being limited to about 4 or 5 foods, it is just way too hard to decide which of your favorite foods to have first. In which case, you proceed to have as many of them as you can within those first waking moments of freedom.

In the first 48 hours post World’s, I consumed the following;

~ 6 Donuts

~ 1 homemade Marshmallow/Chocolate Square & 1 Peanut Butter Cup Blondie

~ 1/2 a goat cheese and tomato flatbread pizza

~ Some Yam Frites (Canadian for Sweet Potato Fries)

~ Friend Chicken Sandwich with more Yam Frites

~ 2 Mini Burger Sliders

~ Breakfast Burger (Ham, Egg, Bacon, Sausage) and 2 Banana/Walnut Pancakes

~ Buffalo/Blue Cheese Turkey Burger (Health right?)

~ Spicy Avocado & Lime Quinoa Bowl from B Good Chain (More health, right?)

~ 1 More homemade Marshmallow/Chocolate Square

~ Couple tablespoons of Peanut Butter

~ Turkey & Ham & Spinach & Onion Crepe

~ 1/2 Belgian Waffle w/ Peanut Butter

~ 1/2 Chocolate Chip Banana Muffin

~ Lima Box from iQ Foods

~ Raw Cacao + Almond smoothie from iQ Foods

~ 2 1/2 Small Donuts from Jelly Modern (Toronto)

~ ONE Birthday Cake Protein Bar

~ 1/2 Chocolate Bar

~ Few rice cakes with Cookie Dough Cashew Butter

Based off of this eating display, I really think I could be competitive in an eating contest. But we’ll leave that debate for another day. The point here is that by no means was a single macro tracked. Additionally, by no means did I stay within my calorie goals. I went in. I went HAAM. My inner fat kid felt the restraints come off and he took control. The result?…

Well I shot up to about 210 pounds (10+ LBs from show day), my lower abs became a thing of the past and I felt way too fluffy to be cool with it.

As of Tuesday 8/31 – I have been back on my diet. Egg whites and oatmeal in the morning, tracking macros and making sure every piece of food is accounted for & falls within my calorie/macro goals. Now I don’t doubt that there have been worse post show rebounds. But I also know there have been individuals with better self control post show than me. And I’m also not saying that I’m in the clear. The knowledge that I’m not in contest prep sort of makes it hard to not give into urges or temptation. I also have a shit load of travel and events coming up that will only further complicate things….


Coming off show prep and the weekend immediately after being a Holiday is not necessarily conducive to staying the course and maintaining your diet.
Well obviously I’m silly and thought that everything would be fine. I brought food down with me to cook. And when we went grocery shopping for the house for the weekend, I made sure I picked up some extra healthy things for me to stay the course.

Well I had one disastrous night where I just went off the deep end. Had cookies, chips, a Wendy’s frosty, some Wendy’s nuggets, more chips, couple of burger’s… Not pretty. But instead of me waking up the next morning, I just said YOLO and that I was going to give myself the rest of the weekend to indulge (Like I hadn’t already, right?! LOL). So I proceeded to have some Sour Patch Kids, Pizza, Wings, Bagel with Cream Cheese and some delicious Bao Buns and Ramen.

Fast Forward to Tuesday (9/6) morning and my weight was a staggering 217.2. 217.2!!! Yup – that happened. More than likely some of it was just water weight but regardless I committed to getting back on the grind and getting back to a respectable 205 by Sunday morning.

I upped my water intake to about 2 gallons, have tracked every single macro & have hit my calorie goals. Check in as of this Friday morning (9/9) has me sitting at 206. Isn’t the body incredible? Capable of so many amazing things…

The whole goal of this article is merely for accountability. Some may argue I fcked up. Some may argue “good for you – you deserve it.” I’ve been down this road before and I know I can get it back. The name of the game now is finding balance. Being able to enjoy some of the foods I love in moderation while staying close to my short term & long term fitness goals.

I don’t think I would change anything. Every single bite of food listed above was beyond delicious and more than welcomed. I still plan to have a donut a week – don’t you worry (Check my IG – #DansWeeklyDonut). But I also plan on having my egg whites and oatmeal close to every damn day (I might make protein pancakes here and there – I’m so wild!).

Cheers to finding balance and enjoying life!

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