Fitness Myths – Episode 3 – Your Body Can Only Handle 30g of Protein Per Sitting

We can all thank supplement companies for this one.

I’m just going to use me as an example. My normal off season weight fluctuates between 215 – 220. When it comes to making gains, increasing my caloric maintenance, etc etc – I normally play around with fats and carbs. Protein stays relatively the same. I tend to shoot for 200 grams. Sometimes I’m under and sometimes I’m over but every time I do not stress over it.

Now lets just say 200 is the goal everyday (on the dot) and I abide by this 30g of protein per sitting. That would mean I am sitting down for a meal 6.6 time per day… I just broke out in a cold sweat thinking about that. I avg 6 hours of sleep on good nights which means I would legitimately be eating every 2 hours & 45 minutes. Ay Dios Mio!! (that’s OMG for you non-Spanish folk).

That sounds like a daunting task to have to shove down protein that often and that consistently. So what’s the easiest way for me to do this?!?!?

(drum roll please…)

Protein Supplementation!!!

I’m sure you notice that most protein powders are formulated as 25g or 30g per serving. No coincidence here. They want to be that tool that helps you achieve that goal of only ingesting 30g of protein per sitting. No need to worry about taking down 7 – 9 chicken breasts per day. Just substitute one of those for an easy and convenient protein shake.

Bodybuilding magazines are also to blame here. Since they essentially work hand in hand with the supplement companies. Ever wonder why almost every other page is dedicated to some protein supplement or anything new & hot on the market?


Additionally, this theory of only 30g of protein per sitting basically implies or makes clear that any over-consumption past the 30g per sitting will not be absorbed by your body and it will immediately try to excrete. Wild guess as to how?! Basically, do not go over 30g per sitting or else you’re living on the toilet all day.

So the moral of this story is that there is next to no literature that confirms the body can’t absorb more than 30 of protein at a given feeding. In fact, the literature supports that the body can digest quite a large amount, it just takes longer to digest and absorb than a smaller dose.

Could you theoretically eat all your protein macros for the day in one sitting? Absolutely. It’ll just take a much longer time to digest.

So go on you wild rebels. Eat more than 30g of protein per sitting and rejoice as you’re not spending all of your time on the toilet or planning out your next scheduled feeding time.


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