So, we tried intermittent fasting…. He said/She Said….

He Said: Few days ago I had the kooky idea of doing a fast. I presented it to Luisa and we both jumped on board.

The way I planned it for us was from our last meal on Wednesday night (figure 7-8 pm) 9/14 till after our workout in the evening on Thursday (possibly 7-8pm) 9/15. That would potentially put us at 24 hours! Awesome, can’t wait, I love not eating (sarcasm)…

But sarcasm aside, there is a purpose. We have a crazy 4 weeks coming up filled with weddings, trips, more trips and a big 3-0 birthday (Luisa crossing over to the best decade). The studies have proven how effective intermittent fasting can be when you’re trying to burn fat (insulin levels decrease, HGH levels increase – just to name a couple of the benefits). In order to navigate these treacherous few weeks, we need to break out every tool in the bag to basically avoid adding unwanted pounds.

So, we’re going to do a fast! And we’re going to take you along with us for the ride!

Tuesday before the fast

She Said (Tuesday Afternoon): I can do anything I put my mind to! This is going to be easy! I’ve completed 3 day juice cleanses! I’ve lived off of ZERO food for a while (like that one time in Vegas I was literally on a nothing but vodka/water binge for a week). This. Is. Nothing. I got this. ….. Buuuuut… just in case Thursday ends up being a pretty slow day, let me make sure I put plenty to do on my calendar to keep my mind occupied and off of food.

He Said (Tuesday Night): Sh*t! Calories done for the day but I’m still starving. Hmmm. Well tomorrow morning is leg day and it’s going to be high volume. I can have half a bowl of just some fruit, sugar free jello and fat free whipped cream. I’ll drink 2 glasses of water for health (and peeing 3x during the night)! Success!

Wednesday before the fast

She Said 7AMDentist appointment. Not going to be able to eat my usual breakfast. Ugh. Why didn’t we plan the fast for this day?? I’d already be ahead of the game!

12:15PM – (As Dan sends me not one but TWO Buzzfeed articles about food). You’re not allowed to do this to me tomorrow Dan!


2PM – Why am I still hungry?? I’ll just eat that yogurt I have in the fridge. ::eats yogurt:: That yogurt was a joke. I’m gonna crack into my after dinner snack in my bag – cinnamon raisin crackers and chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter. Mmmmmmmmm so delicious… Mmmmm can’t stop dipping and eating… Must. stop. dipping. and. eating. OK OK. Chips go away. I’ll need them to exist in my life later tonight so I have more food in my belly before bed.

7PM – This is it. THE LAST SUPPER.

7:30PM – Last morsel down the hatch….. and now we wait……….

He Said 4:45AM – So hungry! And it’s leg day! Ugh – just want pancakes … “Stop being a little betch Dan!” … (Chugs pre-workout and crushes leg day).

7AM – Shoot! Breakfast is done but I’m still hungry! Ok, just 1 sugar free jello with some fat free whipped cream to hold me over till lunch.

9:45AM – Can’t wait for lunch! Cooked the sh*t our of my chicken breasts and I’ve got a delicious piece of Cashew Putter Oatmeal pie waiting. (Immediate reminder that lunch has been canceled tomorrow on account of fasting – #fear #deepbreath)


11:25AM – Starving! Is it weird if I eat my lunch now? I’ll just have 1 or 2 of my pretzel chips to hold me over. Hmmm … what will hold me over tomorrow? (ay dios mio!)

1PM – Lunch was delicious. I love food! I love eating!

4:30PM – Almost time to eat again! And I factored in some BK Chicken Fries. Best. Day. Ever!

4:31PM – Sh*t! This will be my last meal…. ::blank stare::

7:05PM – BK Cheetos Chicken Fries acquired and devoured. Soooooooo good!

7:34PM – So I just finished my Power Crunch Bar. Triple Chocolate. Never lets me down … ::feeling of panic/fear/depression settles in:: Ohhhhhhhh fckkkk! What did I just agree to?!

9:08PM – It’s only been 1.5 hours?! Well I might as well put a bow on today and get to bed.

Thursday Morning – THE FAST BEGINS!!

She Said 7AM – Didn’t have to go to the gym before work, didn’t have to make breakfast, didn’t have to prep lunch, got to sleep in. This fast is great!

8:30AM – OO Candy in the break room at work! NO LUISA. NO.

10:30AM – (My normal snack time.) I’ve LITERALLY been running around all morning. I haven’t even thought about food.  I haven’t even had a teeny grumble in the ol’ belly. Feeling good. I got this!

11AM – Oh wait. There’s that grumble. Better chug some water. – Grumble. Silenced.

11:15AM – Aaaannnddddd it’s back. Better drink more water.

11:30AM – What the hell grumble. Shut up already.

1PM – Lunch? Time? What am I gonna do with the next hour? There’s so much time for activities now. It’s gorgeous out, I’ll go for a walk!!

5PM – Where did the time go??? How is it already time to leave work?? I did it!!! I made it!!!! Time to go home, go to the gym, and EAT! That was nothing!!! I didn’t even think about food today!

6:30PM – Little bit tired.. but nothing a  few sour patch kids and pre-workout with Dan before the gym can’t fix! Didn’t even care for the gummies – in all honesty, they were a little stale!

7PM – Gym Time! I don’t feel 100% but I definitely don’t feel as weak as I thought I would feel. And – Check me out in the mirror – Do I look leaner already? I see zero bloat. I see visible delts? My legs look great. Did this fast really work it’s magic???? OMG – I’m a believer!!!

8:30PM – Time. To. Eat. … Literally, not even hungry.. How? Did I just not eat for so long I have no hunger??? Well, I’m gonna eat and it’s gonna be GOOOOODDDD because I have so many calories to play with! Hmmmm What. To. Eat. What. To Eat.

He Said 7AMNo morning workout today so I slept in. Got 9 hours of sleep!!! Recharged and ready to take on this Thursday.

7:01AM – Starving. Stomach making weird noises. Wonder if my boss will find “not able to eat” an acceptable reason to call out of work.


9:50AM – Feeling pretty good. Not even a little bit hungry. Poured me some delicious cold brew. I got this!

11:20AM – WTF is happening?! Where is the hunger?! 15 hours in and this is a walk in the park. Guess I’ll have some more cold brew because #delicious.

1:05PM – Took a walk to call mom and keep my mind off of food. Finished the walk with a quick detour to Fairway market for some intra-workout candy. 25 minutes later I walk out with a $30 bill and 6 non-candy items. Hmmmm … Hunger, is that you?!

2:58PM – Our co-workers from Cambridge sent our office Cupcakes. How sweet of them!! They must have known I was doing a 24-hour fast. On top of that – they have the “poop” emoji. Oh the irony!! Ugh, 2.5 more hours.

4:50PM – Holy shi*t! It’s 5pm. Is this real life?! Where did the time go?! I can’t believe I get to eat soooooo soon! This was a piece of cake (speaking of cake – can’t wait to devour that cupcake!)

6:30PM – Feeling a little sluggish. Thoughts of food fill my head. They motivate me during this home stretch. Also kind of make me want to have some candy.

7pm – Preworkout and gummy bears!! What an amazing feeling. The end is hear. Part of me didn’t think I’d make it here. Other part of me just thought “winners win.”
8:30PM – Let the games begin! So many calories to play with. So many decisions to make. Like I’m not even hungry tho. But you bet your a$$ I’m going to eat because #victory #gains

Friday Morning – So.. What did we think of our fast?

She Said – This fast wasn’t bad at all and I definitely would do it again. I (surprisingly)didn’t think about food or feel hungry nearly as much as I thought I would. I really feel like it was a great reset button to my diet. I’m really interested to see how my body works and reacts in these next few days after. And! After all was said and done, the next morning I was down a little over a pound. (Who’s to say what that pound actually was of – but still – I’ll take it!)

He Said – I would second that notion. The fast wasn’t that bad. Aside from maybe an hour, the hunger was minimal. I kept myself busy and had a lot going on so my mind was distracted. I also felt like I was able to reset the old system. There is no doubt I had a ton of stored calories, so it was great to go 24 hours and let my body use those reserve stores for energy. The only negative for myself personally was the day after. I felt my hunger through the roof. For the next one, I think my first meal post fast will be a little bit higher in protein. Protein has a higher thermic effect so perhaps this could increase my satiety post fast. Other than that, I feel like a champion and can’t wait for the next one.

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