Say No to Ego Lifting

There are few things that definitely don’t belong in the gym;

~ Texting in the squat rack

~ Curling in the squat rack

~ Sweating like a beast and not wiping down your equipment

~ Walking on an incline and holding the railing

However, in my opinion, #1 on this list is EGO. There is absolutely no place for an ego in the gym. The only person you’ll impress in the gym with your ego, is someone with an even bigger ego. Any educated lifter or any woman that knows her sh*t will not be impressed by your excessive grunting and your heavy ass lifting with terrible form. In fact, while they may not show it, they are just flat out laughing at you and making fun of you.

I used to know this guy. He would load up 225 on the bar. Get into the squat rack. Get in his stance and drop it “low”. Making all the accompanying noises and grunting. Video replay would not only show that he was going down about 1/3 of the way, but his 2 closest friends would just rip into him. That guy’s name? Daniel Guzman. Yup – it was me.


That was roughly 3 years ago. I sucked at squatting and I sucked at lifting. I would literally pick things up and put them down. Throw weight around and wanted the attention of anyone and everyone that was semi interested. Well, I got tired of my two friends making fun of me (Thanks John and Andrew) and I decided that maybe something had to change.

That was a big moment in my overall maturation and growth as an individual. I left my ego at the door everyday and went back to basics. I refocused my efforts on doing everything the right way. And once I did that, the heavy ass weight I was throwing around became 10 times heavier. A truly humbling experience. But it motivated me. It made me want to work harder and smarter. I wanted to become the strongest guy in my gym across the board but by doing things the right way. I’m confident in saying that I can fight for that title without a doubt.


Ego lifting leads to the following;

~ Terrible ROM (Range of Motion)

~ Improper muscle mechanics

~ Improper muscle recruitment

~ Muscle imbalances


Last but not least … Making no real progress. Or in other words – no real gains! By lifting with your ego, you’re cheating your body of natural progression. As soon as I cut your squat weight in half and make you do a real rep – I don’t doubt your body will collapse. Ass to grass will be a foreign concept and your muscle will not be used to that sort of stress. In repeated reps no less.

So in closing. Leave the ego at home and let’s make some gains together!

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  1. Great article! Yes, we do chuckle at those squatting ridiculous weight with the worst form and even snicker at those on the leg press machine loading up every 45 lb plate and barely bending their legs at all!
    Would love to see good/bad form pics.
    You are both an inspiration!
    Keep it coming!

    1. Absolutely. There should be no place for ego in the gym. One of the most humbling places to be. It also sets a bad example for those just starting. We obviously love your feedback! And perhaps down the road we’ll follow these up with some proper form pics/videos 😉

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