Do You Even Active Recovery?

So last week  we touched on one of the most dreaded days in any gym rat’s schedule – Rest Day. In case you missed it …. here you go. 

We’re going to consider this article a follow up.

A full on Rest Day sometimes may just be too hard to complete. Minutes becomes hours. Hours become days. Every waking moment is spent thinking about your next workout. With no gym comes no life … Ok, you get the point.


So if you can’t commit to a Rest Day, what other option do you have? Active Recovery is the answer. Also known as an Active Rest Day.

Making those gains is hard work. We’re constantly pushing our body to its limits. Intensity is high, effort is for the most part all out and our muscles & joints are constantly under stress. An active recovery day flips this protocol on its head. Intensity is not the main focus and the “hard” level is dropped to its lowest setting.

Active recovery days normally fall on your “off” day and entail an easier workout. It is less intense and has much less volume. The name of the game here is to promoting blood flow, help alleviate muscle soreness and break a light sweat if at all.

Here are some ideas of what an active recovery day could entail;

  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Lighter Weightlifting Session
  • Long walk or hiking
  • Foam Rolling

So fear not, active recovery is here to save the day. Get out there and start moving. Work on some weak areas such as mobility or flexibility. Try a new training modality such as Yoga. There are countless options that can keep you occupied but at the same time give you the break you need from your intense regimen.

Not to mention, properly implemented active recovery days can lead to massive gains.


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