Like a fine wine…

This week I turned 30. 3-0. The *BIG* 3-0. and just in case you didn’t read me right – THIRTY!!


….. And if we’re being honest, I’ve kind of been calling myself 30 for the past 6 months. – Why?… Because I welcome this decade wholeheartedly into my life. I see it as 10 new years of possibility – 10 new years to grow and learn. When it comes down to it – I’m actually all-out psyched to turn thirty. (I think it sounds kinda sexy – Rawrrrrr.)  Thirty isn’t the end of something great (i.e. my 20’s) – it’s the beginning of something that’s going to be even greater. (Is that a word??? .. It is now!)

Now, don’t get me wrong. My 20’s were awesome and I lived them to the fullest. I learned a lot of valuable lessons in my 20’s. I travelled and explored. I welcomed many new people into my life as well as lost some who will have forever left imprints on my heart. I had good relationships and bad relationships and relationships that changed me and made me the person I am today. I did a lot of growing up in my 20’s. I got my first degree, and my second degree. I bought my first home. I got my first job, and my second job. I met Dan. I found an absolute passion for my health and fitness. I set goals and attacked them with every fiber in my being. When all is said and done – I did some good living in my twenties. — Which is why I’m so enthusiastic about my thirties. Can you imagine? I get to start a brand new set of 10 years!!

As I sit here writing this I am absolutely buzzing with excitement at the fact that another 10 years lay ahead of me now just waiting to be lived – filled with endless potential. What will my thirties hold in store for me? What new adventures will I embark on? What new destinations will I explore? What new goals will I set and conquer? (What new colors will I dye my hair?) … And though I don’t know the answers to all those questions – I am sure excited to find out.


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