My Second Best Advice when it comes to Health and Fitness: Get Enough Sleep!!!

If you’ve been following Eat . Whey . Love, you may have already read my post on my best advice when it comes to health and fitness (i.e. – drinking tons of water). Well it’s time my friends to hear about my second best bit of advice – getting enough sleep!! Because let’s be real – the benefits of sleep are endless! – like those listed below:


I’m sure we’ve all heard the statistics about how most Americans don’t get enough sleep. I mean, I hear it almost every day from my coworkers and friends. How they just couldn’t fall asleep, or once they were asleep, they were just tossing and turning. All resulting in the fact that the next day they were zombies, continuously yawning, having a hard time keeping their eyes open, and addicted to cup after cup of coffee. After all, the daily recommended amount of sleep is about 7 hours – and I’m sure most of us would be hard pressed to be able to say we hit a number even close to that.

Over time, night after night of sleep deprivation tends to add up, until it really beings to affect our bodies. And if anyone can speak to the consequences, it’s me. Over the past few months I went from a constant 8 hour a night dead-as-a-rock sleeper (when all was right in the world) to a mayyyyyybe 6 hour a night restless sleeper – and it shows. The reason being – well, many reasons: a new job, a longer commute, earlier wake ups, a different schedule, the list goes on and on.

So how has this lack of sleep affected me.. ugh… let me count the ways:

  • I’ve been getting sick all the time.
    • And it’s no wonder. My body needs rest. It needs time to recharge and let my immune system do what it’s got to do. How can I fend off a new sickness when I haven’t truly gotten over the last sickness?
  • I’ve kinda become a bitch (mostly in the morning and mostly to Dan – Sorry babe!)
    • How do you expect me to be the sweetheart you know and love (lol) when I’m beyond cranky. I don’t want to be awake. I don’t want to be at the gym. I don’t want to be anywhere except my bed.
  • I’m unmotivated and my workouts have been dragging.
    • I mean, how can I get excited about getting my body moving when all I want is for my body to just lay down and relax.
  • I can’t form complete sentences.
    • My brain is fried. End of story. What’s the word for…..?????? What word am I thinking of????? – Yeah. That. All the time.
  • I have a serious snack-tooth.
    • Sweet. Salty. Who cares! I’ll take it all!! (Let’s just pack on those pounds!)
  • My skin is NOT pretty.
    • I’ve been breaking out like crazy and don’t get me started on the bags under my eyes. Am I young? Am I old?? Skin – MAKE UP YOUR MIND!


In conclusion – I miss sleep – sleep is awesome! I was a better person (and a better looking person) when I got enough sleep and from here on out I’m going to try to make a better effort to get more sleep. Whether I’m in bed by 9:30 or I have to move a gym session to after work (and suck up the fact that the gym is going to be packed) so I can get another 2 hours of shut eye – sleep needs take its place back in my top 4 pillars (water, sleep, exercise, diet) of health. And on that note – GOOD NIGHT!

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