Getting that Fire Back!

“His emotions got the best of him/her.” I’m sure we have all heard this saying before. As humans, we deal with a very tricky, sometimes uncontrollable, spontaneous variable … and that is our emotions. At one moment in a day things could going as smooth as a fresh jar of Jif and at the next, something goes down & completely turns our emotions upside down.

There’s no denying that our emotions have an incredible power over us. From fear to anger to joy, they’re all capable of setting the tone for our days, weeks and even years. The unfortunate thing that happens when our emotions get the best of us is that we lose that fire we once had. Maybe it doesn’t extinguish fully but that fire certainly dims. We stop attacking each day with intensity and excitement and we simply go through the motions.


If this sounds familiar, then I feel your pain. Whether it’s fitness, business, relationships or anything in between – when that fire dims, it can knock us down into the deepest of ditches. And no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to find the motivation or excitement to do the things that once drove us. The worse part of it all, is that it only takes one thing to go wrong or cause friction to throw everything else completely on its side.

Here’s the thing – the going gets tough. We can plan & prepare & execute all we want, but sometimes things just don’t go the way we planned. As I said before, we’re human so we’re allowed to get a little down on ourselves from time to time. But aside from those few moments of “dimly lit fire,” we need to take a step back and reassess.

That’s cool Dan, thanks for the update, but what do I do?!


Well, there is no magic playbook. Some clearly defined guideline that will help us get out of the metaphorical ditch. The only way our situation will get better is if we do something about it. What I believe tends to happen is that when the going gets tough, we lose sight of what really matters. We tend to focus on the negative as apposed to what was driving us originally. Our goals – both short term and long term – become blurs. In times of distress, sadness or overall “blahness”, these goals should be continuous fuel to our fires.

Here are some tips/ideas that I can offer to help re-spark the fire and replenish the motivation

~ Goal Setting – Don’t underestimate the impact that a small goal can have. Continuously make goals – both small and large – and make sure they are visible and top of mind day in and day out

Read Books/Blogs – Figure out what you’re passionate about and dive into material about it. There is so much information out there. You might read a book/blog post that really connects with you and recharges that battery.

Couple of books that I’ve found useful and powerful;

Negativity – This might be easier said than done but just block the haters man. Whatever is throwing off you zen make a conscious effort to steer clear of it or instead just focus on the positive


Network/Hang out with Friends – There’s no “I” in team right? Sometimes the best ideas come out from the most random conversations with someone. Immerse yourself in other people and who knows what could come out of it

~ Be Happy – Semi obvious here but sometimes hard to achieve. There’s a quote that I love and it simple states “Do more of what makes you happy.” Don’t lose sight of what makes you happy and make sure your constantly doing enough of it.

So with that said, lets go out there and seize the day. Attack every single day with intense passion and excitement and chart the path you want for yourself.


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