Life is Short.. Eat Dessert First!

We often hear that the average person gains approximately 7 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. Even when surveyed, people admit to gaining, on average, about 5 pounds this time of year. However, several studies now show that the average the weight gain put on during these winter months is actually only just one pound.

The news isn’t all good though. It turns out that measly one pound – well – it actually never comes back off (according to a report in The New England Journal of Medicine). And since the average weight gain during adulthood is about one to two pounds per year, that means that much of your midlife weight gain can actually be explained through your holiday eating habits.


So how can we ward off these unwanted holiday pounds?? The answer comes in 3 simple words that many of you may not even expect: Eat. Dessert. First.

This advice might seem crazy.. but maybe.. just maybe.. crazy enough to work!

Just think about it… let’s say you sit down at the Thanksgiving table and you’re looking forward to a great holiday meal. No matter how full you are when you finish your plate, you know you’re going to want to eat that slice of apple or pecan or pumpkin pie.


BUT just think about if you ate that slice of pie first, before dinner, wouldn’t that take the edge off of your appetite just a little bit?? (maybe even spoil it – just like Mom said you would) You’d most likely eat fewer calories overall, because not only have you satiated that craving for dessert but you’ve already filled your stomach up a bit. In essence, you’d eat fewer calories than if you ate that entire meal and then stuffed that dessert in on top of it.


So this holiday season – why don’t you spoil yourself – or better yet – spoil your appetite! Your waistline and your weight loss goals may even thank you for it!

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