Dieting on the Road

Diet is a scary little word, right? It doesn’t help that our lives don’t necessarily make it any easier. Life is unpredictable. And sometimes it just really says F your diet. The reality is we’re not always going to be able to be in the ideal situation/environment for our diet.

Last week I spent five days in NYC for training for my job. The hotel room I was put up in didn’t have a kitchen, not even a microwave. Panic, right? Or maybe just say YOLO?

There’s no denying that business/work trips can and most times are a burden to your carefully calculated diet plan. You’re constantly on the go, running into meetings, trainings – while also trying to manage your personal life & perhaps your side business. Let’s also not forget about all the work lunches/dinners and the occasional adult beverage or two. It’s hard, I get it.

However, there are solutions galore in almost any city you go to. You can find healthy, macro friendly options in a majority of restaurant or fast food/fast casual restaurants. You just need a little patience, composure and common sense. But if you walk into a McDonald’s and order a super size Big Mac meal – well, common sense escapes you.

I’m going to highlight some of the choices I made and preparation tips to help you navigate a long work trip.


I drank 1 gallon of water a day. This is non-negotiable. There are 128 ounces in a gallon. Get it done.

Hitting this goal will be beneficial for many reasons. It will help keep you full when you get those hunger pains during a meeting (which is probably just boredom – lets be serious). It will also help provide you with energy.

Protein Bars 

Your company office may not be chock full of healthy snacks. You could find yourself reaching for that bag of chips or sugar packed “healthy” granola bar. Your office might not even have snacks. Which means you’re going to be starving when you get to your next meal and potentially just binge.

A protein bar is easy for you to pack and will calm your hunger demons. What has been my soup du jour recently?

Muscletech Nitro Tech Bars. The birthday cake and cookie dough flavors were off the chain.

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail, right?


You probably weren’t expecting me to point you towards those golden arches, right? Well, with a careful eye, you can always find a diamond in the rough. Sure those fries are amazing. And yes, I too from time to time love to indulge in a delicious Filet-o-Fish (oh, that’s just me?!). But we’re on a mission here so you have to stay focused.

Egg White Delight McMuffin

P – 17g. F – 8g. C – 29g.

What I did was order 2 sandwiches and ask for 1 without cheese. Then I took the insides and combined into 1 double protein sandwich. Win!


I have only had C-F-A 5 times (3 of which were on this trip – judge me!) but I must say, this has to be one of the most macro friendly fast food restaurants I’ve seen. And they’re all DELICIOUS! … DELICIOUS!

12 Grilled Nuggets

p – 38g. F – 5g. C – 3g.

What?!? Wait, what?!? This is a gift from the heavens. With some honey mustard … Shut. The. Front. Door!

Grilled Chicken Sandwich 

P – 29g. F – 6g. C – 36g

If you can spare some calories, ask for one of their barbecue packets and money. Just money.

Egg White Grill 

P – 25g. C – 31g. F – 7g.

Chick-Fil-A literally just said, “Hi Dan, how can we make this diet easy for you?” I got two of these bad boys and my day was off to a strong start


What I would love to say is get one of their delicious Frappes. Delicious? Yes. Macro friendly? Hmmm, debatable. What I will say to get is…

Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon B-fast Sandwich 

P – 16g. F – 6g. C – 28g

I love turkey bacon. Life is perfectly fine for me without real bacon. This sandwich is fantastic!

siggi’s skyr

P – 14g. F – 0g. C – 11g

I’ve seen many Starbuck’s carrying this now. Skyr is Icelandic and is essentially their version of greek yogurt. I got the Vanilla flavor. Was a little bland I’ll be honest but I got a honey packet and we were in business. Another strong start to the day thanks to this combo!


Chipotle is life. My training class started to make fun of me because I got this a lot. Another trifecta for me. Chipotle, for me, takes the cake for most macro friendly fast casual restaurant out there. That I have experienced at least. Easily customizable, most staff is usually accommodating and it’s just so phenomenal!

Dan’s Chipotle Bowl

P – 76g. F – 21g. C – 67g.

Burrito bowl. Brown rice (dab!). Black beans (dab!). Fajita veggies (dab!). Double chicken (dab, dab!). Pico & salsa verde (dab!).

Like omg, becky. Look at that bowl. So delicious. So nutritious. And so filling. Triple win!

And there you have it my people. This is some of the ways that I was able to survive the week. Did I hit my macros everyday? Nope. I don’t even think I hit my macros any day. But what I did was confidently make smart decisions so that I could be as on track as I could be. All things considered.

Hope this article makes your next business trip a little less stressful and a little more enjoyable now that I have given you some fun options.



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