Fitness Myths – Episode 4 – Men & Women Should Train Differently

Hope everyone had a happy New Year!

We’re dusting off the old Fitness Myths series and in this episode we tackle the myth that Women should train differently than Men.


This one seemed fitting giving the timing of many New Year’s resolutioners. Gyms are going to be crowded and you’re probably going to come across some bad advice from time to time. Lets make sure this myth isn’t something that gets ingrained in your head

Ugh!! I just want to start off by saying, “UGH!!!”

This myth really gets me going. I see way too many “donkey kicks” nowadays because it’s great for “toning” the booty. You know what else is great for “toning” the booty? Squats!

There seems to be a perception out there that women need different exercises to “tone” their body or achieve their desired physique. That they need to only focus on higher reps, lower weight because that will really bring it all together. Because lifting heavy will cause you to look bulky and too muscular

Just going to leave this here for a hot sec…


That is Amanda Bucci, Andreai Brazzier and Jen Jewell. Fitness icons at the top of their game and all of which certainly train like men.

Last time I checked the cornerstone movements of bodybuilding such as the Squat and Deadlift weren’t solely created for men. Bodybuilding is just that, building your body to achieve your desired vision. So why not utilize some of the most effective methods and movements in the game to get there?


Countless studies have shown that women who do resistance training are stronger, leaner, and healthier than women who do not. But simply lifting at higher reps with lighter weight will merely address muscular endurance. It will not help achieve tight, dense, strong muscle.

Genetics and how you eat deserve some mention as they will definitely play a part in how your look develops. So do hormones as men carry way more testosterone which is a major key for massive muscle growth. But none of that should not stop you or discourage you from doing the things that they guys are doing. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and train for strength.

Now I’m not saying that you should only do heavy squats, deadlifts and curls. Even I incorporate some accessory booty work from time to time. But I am saying that you should find a carefully outlined program that gives you the best of both worlds.

Oh and if you recall my “Breaking Through Weight Loss Plateaus”, adding even just a little more muscle means the capacity for eating more food. Win!

So last but not least, I know one more person that trains like a man…


And who I have personally seen out-lift some of the “men” at our gym.

Happy training and here’s to 2017 being the best year for all of us.


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  1. Thanks for re-enforcing my self doubting lump of a brain, that the heavy lifting i love to do, will NOT make me look like a man πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ€“

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