Fitness Myths – Episode 5 – You Can Spot Reduce Fat

Any of you ever watch the show Shark Tank? All the Entrepreneurs are great in their own way, but Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful is special in a different way. He’s the “mean” one and says what the others won’t. One thing is consistently says is “Your idea is a rabid animal, take it behind the shed and shoot it.”

Aggressive right?! Well … I would love for that to be the case here. I present you Episode 5;

You Can Spot Reduce Fat

This one blows my mind that it still lives on. I’ll leave this quick scientific study right here… SCIENTIFIC STUDY

But that goes to show the power of marketing nowadays. It’s elevated to the ultimate degree thanks to the various social media platforms. Every other day you see a new “Insta Fitness Celebrity” promoting a waist trainer to reduce your tummy fat or the craziest new program to “tone” your ass.

Simply put … No! You cannot spot target fat. It’s just not possible. My mom always jokes that it’s so easy to put on weight, but when it comes to losing it … woof!

You could maybe try some of these options…

We didn’t end up carrying those few extra pounds of fat in our stomach my eating foods that only affect our stomach. We simply over-consumed calories to the point that our body didn’t have any need for those calories and your stomach is just where it decided to store that fat. Genetics (that love/hate word) plays a part here for sure, so we have to give that a little credit. Some women carry more fat in their booty or arms while guys tend to carry more fat in their stomach or back.

But don’t get it twisted, we didn’t spot add fat to those areas. So we certainly cannot spot reduce that fat. You can do all the crunches you want for you stomach, donkey kicks for your ass or curls till your arms fall off. You’ll definitely cause some growth in those muscles, but if that’s all you’re doing then you have a long ways to go.

Body Fat Percentage (BF%) is calculated as a total percentage of your body mass. Not broken down by individual areas. So in order to lower that number, we must look at it as a total number and come out with a program that will reduce it over time. As that BF% starts creeping down, we’ll begin to see the flatter stomach, less jiggle in the arm and a tighter butt.

So to wrap this up. Next time you see anything, and I mean ANYTHING, claiming to spot reduce the fat in your body – please run the other way (it’ll be great cardio!) . Unfortunately, we have to put in just a little bit of work and add a little bit of diligence & sacrifice to get the fat down in our bodies. Don’t worry there is still room for Donuts!! And I promise you that the result will be well worth it.


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