Raise Your Hand if you Have Been Personally Victimized by Regina George

Recently a friend of mine told me she received hate mail.. a physical piece of paper that had been typed on.. addressed to her.. and placed in her mailbox.. detailing how much this person hated her fitness posts on Facebook and Instagram. The letter went on to tell her that she was a liar in all her posts and she needed to stop focusing on fitness so much and start focusing on her family. This letter got to her so much that she began doubting in herself and her journey and was willing to throw the towel in on it all just because one internet troll (Click Here for Some More Food food Thought on Internet Trolls) gained joy in hating on her posts and instead of just unfriending or unfollowing her.




So this really got me thinking … Why does our society hard wire us to think we should compete with and be jealous of other females instead of encouraging them and celebrating their victories. In lieu of the recent Women’s Marches all across the nation (and the world), you could say this is it – This. Is. Go Time. for us women. But we cannot become a truly unstoppable force unless we shake off what is still holding us back: how harsh we can be to one another. – Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by Regina George. And by that what I really mean to say is –  Who among us has not been shamed, name called, meant to feel stupid, shunned, or lied about by another woman??




Come on, ladies! Don’t we deserve better than this??  Aren’t we better than this?? We’ve come too far and worked too hard for us to still be treating one another like mean girls. Instead of shaming and judging one another we need to embrace each other, support each other, and stand up for each other. Because when we shame and bully one woman – we shame and bully all women.  It’s time to make a change! For everyone’s sake – we should be standing together.




When I hear women being kind to each other or when I see supportive messages on Facebook or “You Go Girl” comments under Instagram photos I feel like women can conquer the world and it makes me so proud!!! So let’s stop hating and start loving.. stop criticizing and start encouraging.. stop being so divided and come together and be united – because our strength lies in us bringing each other up instead of tearing each other down. #GirlPower


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