Why I love Fitness … Still

In keeping with the spirit of this week (You know, dropping crazy pesos in the name of love and bae), I wanted to do a post center around LOVE. Something pretty much focused on what I love about fitness or why I love fitness. And then I was like … “Oh Snap Dan!? You already wrote that and it was so good and so heartfelt. Share your gift.”

For those that are new to my world, this was written shortly after I won my Pro card with the WBFF almost 3 years ago. Back then I was a Clark Kent wannabe that thought he could lift. Nowadays I’m still a Clark Kent wannabe but I have a pretty awesome dog named Shadow – so that’s sweet!


Almost 3 years later and I am still madly in love with Fitness. I have competed in 3 shows, done some photoshoots, met countless incredible people but most importantly been given the opportunity to transform numerous individuals lives. So most of what is below comprises my first ever blog post (with a few current updates). Dated June 11, 2014. Crazy how time flies, right? And regardless of when it was written, I still truly feel it is applicable.

Where do I begin? I still love donuts … How light and airy and delicious they are … Oh, wait, wrong post…


Ok, soooo … I could go the simple route of saying I like feeling good and looking good. But I definitely don’t like being simple (well, not all of the time) and Fitness is so expansive/deep/intricate that it deserves a little more than such a broad response.

The Fitness industry continues to boom. I feel like everyday there is a new workout craze (Crossfit, TRX, Kettlebell training, Anything Shaun T, etc.) or diet structure/initiative (iifym, whole 30, 21 day fix anyone?). As the saying goes, “to each their own.” No fitness regimen is meant for everyone — it is hard to find uniformity in the fitness world. What may work for me, may not work for you. However, it is that lack of uniformity that is truly great. There is something out there for everyone. You can follow one school of thought, combine multiple schools of thought, or just find your own way and become an innovator.

Your main concern should be, “I need to find what works for me, not what works for others.”


This would be difficult if we were flying blind. However, we are all lucky to have so much information and knowledge out there, so readily accessible. It is just up to us to go out there and grab it, soak it in and apply it. With Fitness, everyday should be a learning day. From my experience, the Fitness community is so embracing and welcoming. For the most part, people want to help people — people want to be an inspiration (and if they don’t, well throw on those hater blockers). If it were easy, we would all be walking around with washboard abs and rock-hard pecs (Friends reference anyone?). Advice, tips, guidance, etc. are so prevalent and easily attainable in the current fitness culture — the #fitfam generation. You can learn so much, but it is up to you to apply what you learn. Trial and error, taking notes and having the understanding that you may need to change gears at some point.


Which leads me to perhaps the biggest reason why I love Fitness. Our Fitness goals, whatever they may be, are in our hands. No one is going to lift those weights for you. No one is going to go on that run for you. No one is going to keep track of your Macros, your daily diet. This is totally, completely, 100% in your control.

We have the power. It is YOU vs YOU.


Isn’t that what we ultimately want — in anything we do? To have the power? I love knowing that at the end of the day, when I set a Fitness goal, it is completely and utterly in my control. I need to push myself in the gym, get that extra set in, rep in. I control my diet, what goes in my body. I need to figure out how to incorporate donuts as a regular part of my macros (Kidding — sort of — what I mean is am I controlling the things I can that allow me to have a donut when I want?). You get the point. I alone hold the key to my own improvement, my own progress, my dreams. I sometimes doubt myself, let fear creep in, find every excuse in the book to remain comfortable/avoid change. But can I dig deep and use that fear as motivation? Can I love my fear? Can I trust the process?


Sure #fitfam will be there for some motivation, some inspiration, some support & advice. But they are not getting you out of bed at 5am. And they are not stopping you from having your 6th donut for the day (I dare them to try and stop me tho … jk jk). Own that power and be just a little better than you were yesterday.

Because one day, perhaps you’ll be that inspiration to someone. “Because of you, I was able to reach my goals,” will be meant for you.

Why do you love Fitness? Leave your comments below. We would love to hear your perspectives.

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