Lose Fat & Gain Time – HIIT for the Win

So the first official day of Spring is March 20th. If you’re in the Northeast, that’s pretty hard to believe given the blizzard we just experienced. It literally took me 1 hour to dig my car out this morning. And when I look at the forecast ahead for the next 7 days, I see some low 20s and potential for more snow this weekend. Why do I insist on living in the Northeast?!

Anyways, enough complaining about the weather and more focus on the point of this article. With Spring right around the corner, that means sunnier days are almost here and with that means shedding those winter jackets for v-necks & possibly tanks tops. It might be time to pause that winter bulk and kick it into high gear for that summer shred.


Shake Shack and Donuts might need to be taken down in frequency and I personally should start upping my veggie game. Unfortunately, I will also need to be adding in that dreaded 6-letter word to my routine … CARDIO. And no, I do not mean 45 minute on the treadmill, holding onto the rails Cardio (as I so eloquently go into here). I mean hard as sh%t Cardio, all out effort for 20 minutes where I contemplate if living is worth it. That’s right, good old fashioned HIIT Cardio. Be afraid fat, be very afraid!


Last week, team Eat . Whey . Love sent out it’s second newsletter. And in this one, we covered some favorite HIIT routine for team Eat. Whey . Love. If you missed it, please subscribe … all the cool kids are doing it …

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Obviously we love all of you, so here is what we covered in last week’s newsletter

Tabata Battle Ropes 

I know what you’re thinking. Sounds like Frittata, which is a delicious breakfast item. However, Tabata battle ropes are not quite as delicious as apposed to torturous.

Tabata protocol calls for 20 seconds of effort followed by 10 seconds of rest. We normally like to do 2 minutes rounds and we like to repeat this 4 to 5 times.

Grab the ropes, assume a slight squat position and beat that floor like you’re making the fluffiest fritta… err … just beat the floor hard.

Sled Sprints

You ever watch those sick YouTube edits of athletes pushing prowler sleds really fast down turf to a really sick beat?! Well, take away the sick edit & the sick edm song and what do you have??? A really effective HIIT weapon.

Prowler sleds are a beast. They will tax your body in ways you didn’t think possible. You’re going to feel it in your legs, your back, your shoulders. The sled allows you to load a certain amount of weight. For this, load enough to struggle a bit but not to the point where you’re barely budging.

Drive through your legs, eventually feeling that burn in the booty. 6 rounds of down and back and you’ll be on the floor.

Hill Sprints

So before man invented battle ropes and prowler sleds, God gave us beautiful sprawling hills. Found anywhere and everywhere. If you can look me in the eye and tell me you don’t have a decent hill with a nice incline in your town, I will smack you … Ok, maybe I won’t but I will judge you for making excuses.

Make sure you give your hammies a good pep talk before you tackle those hills.

Focus on 10 rounds. All out effort to the top and then a very light jog on the way down (probably a brisk walk).

20 minutes and you’re done. And in the words of Deadpool … “Maximum Effort!”

*Bonus* HIIT Squats

You thought we were just going to recite the newsletter and not add any additional value?! Come on, silliness.

This one has had me personally contemplating my existence and wondering if living is worth it.

Load 70% of your 1 Rep Max on the Squat Bar (Obviously post proper warmup!!!). Put 15 minutes on the clock. And 100 reps is the goal. IF you don’t hit it in 15 minutes, that is ok. Keep going until you finish.

Please, please, please be mindful of your form. This is not a sprint to do it however you can. Be conscious of your form and that your maximizing every single rep. If you start cheating or faltering, step away and live to fight another day.

And there you have it folks! As summer shred quickly approaches, we share some of our favorite HIIT routines to maximize your fat loss and also maximize your time. Because time is precious and it should be spent doing other more fun things … like eating donuts … I mean reading books and breaking a mental sweat!

*disclaimer* these are just routines we believe in. We are not guaranteeing any results but through our experience have found them to be extremely effective


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