But What if I Lose Weight?

Today I went digging for a pair of skinny jeans to wear, well, I guess you could say the word “digging” is a stretch. The jeans I wanted to wear were right on top of the pile in my drawer. Probably because they’re only 1 of mayyyyyybe 4 or 5 pairs of jeans I actually wear in a drawer full of like 15-20 pairs. I have grey jeans, pastel pink jeans, red jeans, purple jeans, skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, light wash, dark wash, shredded, the list goes on and on – And so does their sizing. I probably have jeans in that drawer that range across 4 different sizes (and one of which I definitely know doesn’t fit me anymore). Sooooooo…. Why am I still holding on to them???

The answer is simple – And it’s what I ask myself every time I go to throw them in the pile to donate to the Good Will: “But What If I Lose Weight?”


A study by Elizabeth Bye and Ellen McKinney in Fashion Theory found that 85% of women have clothes in their wardrobe that just don’t fit. The survey found that most women will keep 3 different sizes (I guess I’m not most women ;o) – but we already knew that lol) – including “thin” clothes and “fat” clothes for when our weight fluctuates. Of these clothes, the smallest sizes are kept because women are hopeful. As long as we keep the “thin” clothes, we have motivation to change – to lose weight. By getting rid of them, it would be an admission of defeat.


Carrie Hertz notes that some people use their clothes as a way of aiding in weight management. Just like the scale you own in your bathroom, a set of clothes of varying sizes allow us to monitor our weight. We can measure weight loss or gain depending on which pair of jeans fits best.


It’s no surprise that many of the clothes we own actually never get worn. They just sit as inactive pieces in our wardrobe. These unworn clothes lie there, waiting, hoping, that one day we’ll come a knockin’. But until that day, they just remain there, wasting valuable space.

I mean, how many times have you ordered something on-line, gotten it, decided it didn’t fit quiiitteeeee right, but kept it anyways because you loved it?? Hoping that one day you’d lose the 3-4 pounds and it would look amazing on you??  Well guess what? I’ve done it too. And by the time that happened – it most likely went out of style anyway.


So join me today as I head back home after work and purge my drawer of all my old 2 sizes too small jeans. I may have had smokin’ hot body in college, and I may have had a smokin’ hot body on prep, but I’ll tell you this – I still have a smokin’ hot body now. So to hell with it! I’ll keep the jeans that fit! PLUS – there’s one truth that I believe almost 100% of women know and hold dear – That there is absolutely no easier way to get yourself into a bad mood than to try on a pair of jeans that don’t fit. And I ain’t about that bad mood life!


Side Note: Those jeans I took out to wear… well while wiggling my butt into them I pulled each side of the band in opposite directions and ripped the zipper in half…. so it looks like I’m down 3! #AnotherOneBitesTheDust (At least I have space now to restock!)

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  1. Wow! You’ve got all styles of jeans in your drawer … am so jealous! Hehe … I always refuse to buy a bigger size everytime my current jeans button threatens to pop! I just take that as a sign on work on making them comfy again .. 🙂

    1. I know I should totally do that! My main problem now is I’ve gotten so strong from lifting weights that when I go to pull my pants up or move them around I end up ripping them with my hands lol

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