When Hunger Strikes … Nobody is Safe

“Eat to live. Live to Eat”
“Abs are made in the kitchen”
“Bitch, I know I said I wanted abs … But I’m hungry!”


Raise your hand if you’re always hungry…

Raise your hand if you have a “complicated” relationship with food…

Raise your hand if you would trample a group of children for a box of donuts or pizza or anything delicious…

(I hope I’m not the only one that raised their hand for all 3). There is no denying that food is a beautiful thing. At its very core, it is the key to life. We need it to physically survive and function and have energy to deal with other humans (I dare you to approach a bikini competitor on low carb day, close to show day). In its full glory, food is capable of evoking so many wonderful emotions in us. That “Cheat meal” is sometimes more magical than Christmas morning. However, food & the hunger for food can be a surefire way to derail any sort of progress we’re trying to make with our bodies.


Many of us struggle with controlling our hunger. We sometimes lack the self control to tune out that “hunger demon” and not give into temptation. The thought of a juicy burger or a creamy pint of Ben & Jerry’s is just too much to resit. So YOLO, right? And then 10 minutes after we regret everything and spend 2 hours the next day trying to sweat it all off. Sistah, I hear ya! I have hated myself one too many times and have now learned the difference between actually hungry and “my 5 year old inner self crying for something they don’t want, but desperately need to survive.”

Hunger is a powerful feeling. Our bodies were programmed to survive and as soon as hunger strikes, our body & mind start playing tricks on us and lead us to believe that survival is of the utmost importance…. NO! NO Hunger, you shall rule us no more. We are stronger than you, and can actually survive for much longer without food than you lead us to believe (24 hour fast anyone?!).

Thanks Dan! Stop rambling and tell us how to beat this terrible monster!


Quick and Easy Tips to Defeat the Hunger Monster (Some of which may be obvious) 

  • Drink water! More often than not, we confuse hunger with thirst. Weird, right? The same part of your brain is responsible for interpreting hunger and thirst signals. However, for us, eating something delicious is probably more satisfying than just drinking a bland cup of water. The next time you feel “hunger,” slam back a cup of ice cold water and wait 15 minutes. If the “pain” subsides, then you were most likely thirsty and being a little child. If pain continues, man up and don’t listen. Or eat, whatever, choice is yours 😉
  • Make smart choices with your food. When you’re dieting, every calorie is precious and you start to appreciate being full. So don’t waste your calories on nutrient-less foods. Choose foods that provide a little more bulk to your meals – such as VEGGIES. Green veggies are packed with fiber which can help stave off hunger for a little longer.
  • If you’re like me, it is essentially a 40 yard dash to finish your food. DON’T DO THIS! Train yourself to eat slower than you already do, even if you already eat slow. Our brain is very slow to pick up on the feeling of being full. In which case, we shove more food down our throat than we probably should.
  • Just because you’re not losing weight, doesn’t mean you should necessarily cut your calories. To repeat, our bodies are programmed to survive and they are very smart. They will find ways to operate on limited calories. Instead, add in 1 or 2 sessions of light cardio. You’ll increase your calorie burn a bit but not sacrifice precious calories from food
  • Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! Watch out for that bad boy. Eating simple sugars (i.e. candy) by itself is a surefire way to jack up your insulin. This is in turn, will just help to promote continuous hunger in you.
  • Exercise! Well, would you look at that. Another benefit to working out. Studies have shown that exercising regularly is one way to help constant hunger problems/pains.


“Yes You Can!” “Yes You Can!” … Beat the hunger monster. Don’t give into the temptation. Next time hunger strikes… take a step back and really understand what’s going on. Perhaps you’re just bored, haven’t had water in a while or need to alter some of your food choices. We don’t be controlled by your hunger!


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