Aging with Beauty … Beating Father time Pt. 1


There are two schools of thought when it comes to getting older

  1. Wahhhh! Getting Old Sucks!
  2. Woooo! Getting Better With Age! 

I feel like it’s pretty safe to assume that most of us have had each thought at least once at some point in our lives. For me, the “wahhh!” moment is more often tied to any time I drink alcohol now (that recovery just isn’t the same). Other than that, for the most part, I have aligned myself more with the “like a fine wine” school of thought. However, as I approach 32 years young, there have been a few more moments that make me realize I’m not 22 anymore. It sucks! I get it. It’s a harsh reality of life. We get older, perhaps we don’t perform optimally all the time, and we reminisce about the “glory” days often. Well, these few additional moments haven’t necessarily gotten me down but rather, made me realize that aging like a fine wine is going to take some work.


I’m not writing this article to get you depressed that you’re getting older. But rather, as an accountability marker for myself that I am going to start taking more proactive steps to slow down father time and increase the performance of my body. I can’t just pick things up and put them down all the time.

One of my most recent kick in the “I’m getting older” nuts came about 2 weeks ago. I can’t pinpoint how it happened but my left hip just felt weird. There wasn’t pain but I could just tell something was off. It was affecting my movement and in certain positions there was slight discomfort. So I opted to go see a doctor, he took X-rays and uncovered a case of hip impingement. Through genetics, the ball in my ball-and-socket joint is not shaped properly. Instead of being that perfect hour glass shape, one of the sides isn’t and that is impeding it’s natural motion. Which in turn is causing some pinching/friction on my labrum…. For some reason, after 31 years on this earth, the hip impingement decided to show up to this party called life. Nothing major, but it is going to require some physical therapy and careful monitoring that I do not worsen the “injury” ….

Have I put you to sleep yet with all this sexy hip impingement talk?

So that got me thinking. I’ve battled a severe case of shoulder impingement, I now have hip impingement, my knees ache more often than not, my flexibility leaves a lot to be desired … I really can’t overlook these things anymore. I need to expand my horizons, be proactive in taking care of myself and extending the life of my body.

So Dan, what exactly are you going to be doing or what are you going to be working on? 



If you were to Google “tests of fitness,” you would end up with a bunch of search results of pages that highlight simple tests of fitness that help gauge how fit you are overall. One of the ones that will be common is the “Sitting-Rising Test.” It’s pretty simple and all it entails is sitting down on the floor and then rising with as little assistance possible from your hands, knees or other body parts. This is an easy indicator of your overall flexibility. I FCKING SUCK AT THIS!! So bad. Embarrassingly bad at this. (smh!)

I have often neglected flexibility training. And the facts are there – as we get older, flexibility diminishes or gets harder to maintain. Muscle mass can diminish over time, making normal movements key to flexibility much harder. The tissue around joints also lose their elasticity, hurting our flexibility. Which essentially means, the older I get, the worse I will get at the “Sitting-Rising Test.”

Well … not on my watch! This morning I bought a Groupon for some Yoga classes. I think I’m going on roughly 5 years of saying, “Yea, I’m going to start doing Yoga. It’s so good for you!” Good job Dan! Well, better late than never. It is well known that one of the key benefits of doing Yoga is increasing/improving your flexibility.


Yoga can be expensive, I know. I will also be incorporating some at home flexibility training. There is a ton of free information out there. Here are two Instagram pages I’ll be utilizing to help in this quest;

Yoga aside, I think most of us are guilty of not stretching enough. I have gotten better (slightly) over the years but I still have a long way to go. Stretching is not fun, not sexy and a total time suck. But as the years pass us by, it is so absolutely necessary. As DJ Khaled would say “Major Key!” I will be making more of an effort to stretch, and not just before but also after workouts. And not for one minute at a time and thinking that’s good enough.

Come back next week for part 2! But for now, lets all make a pact to take care of the little things. Squatting for PRs and getting that pump is sexy, but it’s not going to matter when you get older and can barely get up off the floor. Cheers to flexibility!





*disclaimer – this is merely opinion. We are not guaranteeing results with this but solely presenting different options.*

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