Aging with Beauty … Beating Father Time Pt. 2

Welcome back to his episode of “Beating Father Time…” jk,jk. Well sort of. As some of you read last week, getting old can be awesome or awful. It just depends on your outlook and how proactive you are. You… WAIT! You didn’t read last week’s episode?! I’ll wait…

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Ok, now that you’re all caught up, where was I? Right… Your outlook and proactivity can making throw a few jabs at Father Time. You can’t just sit back and hope for the best. Why is that? Well, for starters, here is a short & powerful list of things that start to fade as we age

  • Recovery
  • Metabolism
  • Testosterone
  • Muscle Mass
  • Joint and Tendon strength/Flexibility

We’re never going to be able to stop all of these 100% naturally as we age. It’s just an unfortunate reality of life. However, we can definitely slow them down and sometimes drastically.

We’ve already addressed flexibility and some things that I’m going to begin incorporating. But what else will I be doing to help slow down Father Time?

Getting Massages 

Yes I know they can be pricey. And trust me, I do not mean once every week (I wish & someday I will). But for now, possibly once a month? I think that can be doable. Look at it as an investment in you. Grinding in the gym is only part of the equation. Consider a massage like a car tune-up. You wouldn’t drive your car endlessly without getting it looked after a certain amount of time. So why would you “drive” your body endlessly without giving it some special attention? I’m guilty of this and I’ve probably had 6 total massages in my life.


First benefit of a massage? It helps alleviate stress. If you read out Hormones 101 article, you know that with elevated levels of stress comes the unwanted hormone called Cortisol. Thanks to it, we could see negative impacts on muscle gain and increases in fat gain.

Next benefit of a massage? Reduce muscle tension. Weight lifting is literally the process of creating tension in muscles so that they can grow. A common lifting modality is called Time Under Tension (TUT).


The king of building muscle. This is considered the alpha of hormones. For men, it is the cornerstone of all those big shiny muscles you’ve built over the years. We all want more of it, it’s not necessarily easy to come by and for the most part we have a finite inventory.


The sad part about Testosterone is that it is not age proof. As soon as you cross over to your 30s, it is like someone poked a hole in your testosterone tire and you have air slowly leaking out. The average adult male has testosterone levels of 270 – 1,070 – the higher the better obviously. However, men in their 30s start to see a 1% decline in testosterone levels year over year. Might not seem like a lot, but that is precious muscle building gold that you want to hold onto. So what will I be doing to help?

Implement a natural testosterone booster. I know what you’re going to say…

Dan!! That garbage doesn’t work!!

Werd! I hear ya. However, as science has stated, if if all things remain constant in my 30s – I will lose 1% of my testosterone per year, year over year. So really, if it does nothing than I stay the course that science has charted for me. If it even makes a small dent in that decline, then it is a win! I will do my research and when I find one that I can truly get behind, I will give you all the deets!

I’m also going to incorporate more testosterone boosting foods. The two foods highest on my list to incorporate? Beans, Red Grapes and Salmon. Beans thanks to their high levels of zinc and iron that aid in testosterone production.  Red Grapes thanks to the compound resveratol found in the skin. Resveratol is a proven aromatase inhibitor which limits the amount of testosterone that could be converted to estrogen. Salmon thanks to its high levels of Vitamin D. The male reproductive system requires vitamin D for health and proper function.


Lastly, get some blood work done. To get to where we want to, we must first understand where we are. It has been way too long since I got some tests run and it never hurts to understand where our health lies and where our hormone levels are.

Muscle Mass 

For this one, I’m really going to focus on watching a ton more TV. Possibly incorporating some brisk walks in the park with Shadow. Also possibly lifting less…


Lol. I think this one is pretty obvious. I will be maintaining my muscle mass and hopefully adding a bit more by continuing a solid resistance training regimen. AKA, I’m still going to keep going HAAM in the gym. Being a little smarter about it though. There is a time and a place for testing strength and setting PRs. But there is also a ton of other way to elicit muscle adaptation and create muscle growth without having to tax your joints and tendons so much.

In conclusion, aging doesn’t have to be a massive pain in the ass. Father Time is going to try and land that early knockout punch. But we can certainly go on the defensive, even offensive, and delay the aging process. We have the ability to feel great well into our 30s, 40s and even later. It just depends on how proactive we want to be or just sit back and hope for the best. Go out there and take it to Father Time!!!


*disclaimer. This is just opinion. We are not guaranteeing any results from what we have spoken about*

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