Could your Grocery Receipt Soon be Judging You? (In a Good Way)

Supermarket receipts could soon be rating the health value of your purchases with just a simple graphic. You heard me right, a new proposal could soon let you see the data about your food choices.

As the amount of health apps, trackers, websites, articles, blogs (ahem ahem) grows… so do… obesity rates????? Yup. Obesity rates. Doesn’t really make sense right?? If we’re being bombarded with healthy information all around us, why are obesity rates still climbing?? Well, a London-based designed thinks he knows why – AND thinks he knows just how to fix it.


The problem? – We’re getting all the right information… juuuussstttt not in the right places.

The solution? – We need to start seeing this information in our every day lives, at the source, at the grocery store!


The proposed solution is simple. A graphic that would print at the bottom of every supermarket receipt, with color-coded symbols in red, yellow, and green (similar to a traffic light rating of stop, slow down, and go) for such things as: calories, sugar, fat, salt, etc.. If there’s a problem or over purchase/consumption in one of these categories, they would show up as red.



The designer believes his solution is simple, while numbers, calorie counts, and grams of macronutrients may confuse or overwhelm someone, a color is straightforward. A color can help point out trends in groceries purchased week after week and be a reminder that perhaps a you shouldn’t continue to purchase sugary beverages or cereals.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 7.58.06 PM.png

If the graphics continue to stay red, how long could you continue to ignore the information? How long before it would prompt you into making a change in your shopping habits?


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