It’s August 2nd – Accountability Check – 2017 Can Still Be The Year 

“You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

You Are Never Too Old

Remember that as you read this…

Oh my where does the time go?! I feel like it was just the other day that I was hopping and skipping through the polo fields of Coachella (April). Or hanging out with some dolphins in the waters of the Caribbean. Time certainly does fly when you’re having fun.

But it can definitely get away from us sometimes and we lose sight of things. Fitness goals we set for ourselves in the beginning of the year. Life goals that we swore this was the year we accomplished. 7 months in the books and little to no progress has been made. Raise your hand if this is you? (My hand is raised).

If only there was an “easy” button…

From a life events perspective, this year has been amazing. I’ve been able to enjoy weddings of close friends, traveled to a new country and headed out west to Cali twice (I love Cali!). Many memories have been had and fun times enjoyed. Donuts eaten, margaritas sipped and sunburns endured (it was bad. i was applying aloe every 20 minutes).

But a small part of me was ungrateful. Was negative. Was depressed. Was just not my happy self. And I only have myself to blame. So the time was now to right the ship.

Deep down I knew that I was missing the mark. However, I was going about these feelings the wrong way … NOT ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY.


I had two major goals set for myself this year

  • Drastically improve my physique from last year
  • Launch my personal fitness business

Last year I competed in the WBFF World Championships. The top of the top athletes in WBFF graced the stage and I firmly believe I held my own. Came in the most dialed in I have ever been… But then the show was over and there was no other target goal. So I kind of just went through the motions. Tried to re-dedicate myself this year (after allowing myself the spoils of delicious donuts the rest of 2016) but it did not happen…

I was still going through the motions, having lackluster workouts and certainly not being diligent & consistent on my diet. There was probably a 4 month span where I did not track a single macro. ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK – No one to blame but me.

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My other goal was to launch my Online Coaching/In-Person Training Business. I was going to get sick logos done, get an awesome website fired up and really continue to build off a passion. Every month that passed I found excuses. Can’t do it now, traveling too much. Can’t do it now, I don’t know what I’m doing. Can’t do it now, I’m eating a donut. ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK – No one to blame but me.

So what’s the point of writing all of this?

It’s simple! It doesn’t matter if you start in January or August. On a Monday or a Saturday. All that matters is that you start. That you do something – no matter how small or big. And when you do something, do a little more. Don’t beat yourself up because 7 months have passed. Appreciate the “Now” and use that to your advantage.

Take one step forward and continue to build off of that progress. It might be challenging. It might be uncomfortable. It might literally just suck for a little or a lot. Setting big goals will bring forward all of those obstacles. Don’t say next year. Don’t say the time isn’t right. And definitely don’t be too hard on yourself. Anything worth fighting for takes time!

As for me…

I’m happy to report that my company is up and running – Daniel Guzman Fitness (logo in the works, along with website) and I’m having the opportunity to impact some lives. I’m also pretty dialed in on my diet and workouts have been strong over the past 2 – 3 weeks. I want to bring my chest up a little, continue working on my hamstrings and make my delts really pop.

It’s only the beginning. I’m not focused on what could have been. Looking forward, appreciating the challenges in front of me. I hope you all are too.

Keep grinding!

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