Never Skip a Monday.. Blah Blah Blah…

4:30 AM Monday morning. Our alarm goes off without fail. We look at each other and say those same 5 words we say every Monday morning: “Let’s go back to sleep.” ..and peacefully rest for another 2 hours before our next alarm goes off to wake up, have breakfast, and get ready for work. – WITHOUT. FAIL. Dan and I skip EVERY SINGLE MONDAY MORNING WORKOUT. EVERY SINGLE WEEK… And I’m totally OK with that. Our weekends are never truly relaxing. We’re busy people. We run around all over the place completing tasks on our “To-Do” lists that we just can’t get to during the week. Dan writes plans for clients. I clean the house. We hang out with friends and visit family. And all of a sudden it’s 7PM on Sunday night.. and those Sunday scaries are all too real. The weekend flew by and we’re exhausted. And those sweet sweet extra 2 hours are just calling our name. We scroll through Instagram and the internet and everywhere we look we’re bombarded with the mantra: “Never Skip a Monday.” … Well I say to hell with that!!!!

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So what if we don’t feel like working out on the first day of the week? Who says you need to start everything on a ‘Monday Morning?’ What about a Tuesday morning? Or a Wednesday morning? If you read Dan’s post: It’s August 2nd – Accountability Check – 2017 Can Still Be The Year  .. You know that “It doesn’t matter if you start in January or August. On a Monday or a Saturday. All that matters is that you start. That you do something – no matter how small or big. And when you do something, do a little more.”

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I see those “Never Skip a Monday” posts and hashtags littered all over the internet and I completely disagree with them. Missing 1 day isn’t going to derail your progress or make you any less fit. Just because you skipped that Monday doesn’t mean you’re going to dive head first into a dozen donuts or gain 10 pounds overnight. What it IS going to do is make you feel like you’re either on track and “being good” or you’re completely off the wagon – just because of a measly little Monday.


Listen to your body. Maybe those 2 extra hours are just what it needs to re-energize itself. Maybe you’ll be so energized you’ll go for a walk during lunch. Or find time to check off (even more) things on your “To Do” list. OR have the energy to hit the gym AFTER work.

Sometimes all we need is that little break. Fitness should be a journey, something you enjoy so that you stick with what you love for the long-run. One Monday morning workout isn’t going to determine whether you fail or succeed.

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