What is Fitness Worth? Investing in Fitness

That title is by no means meant to be emotional, metaphorical or internal. Like Fitness gives me a newfound confidence or its an emotional release from the stresses of the day. It’s literal as in how much are you willing to pay? Investing in Fitness is tough.

There’s no denying the fitness industry is saturated. Statista reported that the Global Health & Fitness Industry came in a shade over $83 Billion (that’s a lot of donuts) in 2016. The US account for roughly $25.8 Billion. That number is sure to grow and it only accounts for Brick & Mortar locations. So your Gym Chains, Soul Cycles, OrangeTheory, Crossfit Boxes and everything in between. Let’s not forget about the booming “Online Coaching” industry. As well as the booming tech space – it seems like every day there is a hot new app that has some sort of monetization. The Industry is massive and there are options galore and investing in Fitness (aka your money) takes careful consideration.

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But what option is best? Or better yet – what is the most economically sound option?

If we look at the massive chains gyms – Town Sports (NYSC, PSC, BSC), Crunch, LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, etc – they are low cost. Monthly memberships starting as low as $20 with some memberships coming in a little higher for passport access (access to other location).  Sounds cheap right? Well the fact is that the majority of gym members will not utilize their membership. Roughly 80% of gym member do not utilize their membership. Shockingly, most just continue to pay for it. Perhaps that new month, new me mentality.

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Maybe boutique options are better. They offer a more intimate setting and often a group setting which can be very motivating. But you pay for that level of attention and intimacy. Many Crossfit gym memberships start at $150/month, Soul Cycle is roughly $25/ride. Orange Theory has a basic package starting at $60/month which offers 4 classes a month, which likely means you’re adding in another membership to do other things. That’s pricey!! And means less funds for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Maple Bacon donuts (hell to the nah!).

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Perhaps these shredded “Online Trainers” is the way! Plans are cheap, he/she looks amazing (sometimes altered?), so many transformation on Insta or Facebook. Social Media has allowed many to create a high ceiling to scale a business because of the unlimited reach. However, there is no chance you’re getting personalized & customized attention. Most of these plans are cookie cutter. And the reason you see so many “success” stories is because if you throw a plan at enough people, it’s bound to work on some. A buddy of mine once signed up for a plan from a famous “online coach” –   he’s a fit man, who lifts some good weight and weighs 175+… Online coach had him eating 1,500 calories to lose weight from the bat. Get that noise out of here!

Trainer! I’m going to get a trainer! But who?! And how much is too much?! Some trainers can run you for $90 to $100 an hour. That’s groceries for the week for me! Social Media again has an impact here. Inexperienced or uninformed trainers jacking up prices and skewing the markets. There are also apps out there that can give you introductory guidance and be your virtual personal trainer for a fraction of the price.

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So back to the original questions…

But what option is best? Or better yet – what is the most economically sound option?

I honestly don’t know what is. The answers will vary on a case by case basis. Each section has its benefits.

  • Crossfit, Soul Cycle, Orange Theory all offer a unique workout, great intensity and a lot of camaraderie.
  • Chain gyms offer the perfect setting to sculpt your dream body at your own pace but you have put it to use.
  • There are great online coaches out there and when you do find that person, it can be a magical blessing.
  • For those that don’t have the time commit more than a few days a month to the gym but also need a little kick in the ass, a personal trainer could be that person to get you in gear.


Options can always go one of two ways. The more options the better or more options presents paralysis by analysis. I tend to lean on the side of the more options the better. Because if one option does not work, the Fitness Industry has blessed all of us with so many more.

And there are great people out there. That really care about helping you transform your life. Takes a little times to dig through the weeds but you’ll definitely end up where you’re supposed to be.

So… with that said – the world is your oyster and in the words of Fergie “be out there working on your Fitness.”


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