The Art of Less is More

As of 6 weeks ago, I have never known a life without cable. It was just something I grew numb to and just paid no attention to. For the last 4 years, I had experienced more channels than any human should have – most of which I never watched. The time was now to change. No more cable! Switched to Sling TV, currently only have 45 channels and do some supplementing with Netflix. The bandaid has been ripped off and I can’t say I miss anything. This is not a plug for Sling TV but rather a plug for Less Is More. A concept that’s hard to conquer but one we’ll dive into a little deeper.


I finished the book Essentialism by Greg Mckeown last night. Sometimes you just read things that are just… Awesome! That resonate with you and really make you feel like it’s time to make some changes. At the book’s core is the theme of Less is More. Recommend adding that to your 2017 Books to Read list. For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on the main theme.


Good old Greg got me thinking about how there’s so much opportunity for “More is better” in today’s society and so many areas where some of us can be better at “Less is More.”

The Fitness industry, for starters, is polluted with theories of “more, more, more.” Not losing enough weight? Do more cardio! Not losing enough weight? Restrict calories more! For me, personally, “Less is More” is comprised of stepping away from the gym and focusing on other aspects of getting better. Whether it’s getting a massage, stretching, doing some Yoga. I took a rest day this Monday (first one in a couple of week’s) and it was hard. Pretty sure my body greatly appreciated it though. I need to get better at that.


What about our phones?! I’ve seen stats ranging 147 to 250 times as the amount of times the average person checks there phone. At even just 1 minute per check, that could be 2+ hours a day on your phone. Smart phones create a double edged sword. We have the abilty of being connected while being too connected. We consume more & more content thanks to the numerous amounts of apps at our disposal.


Social Media, eh? There are more platforms nowadays than I can count. I find myself looking for that next great “me-me” that I go into a deep scroll of my IG feed. Not great, I’ll admit it. Social media has expanded at an incredible rate the last few years. Anyone use Snapchat as their source for happening news?… Social media for some has presented an incredible opportunity to reach more people and grow a business. For others, it has just become a way to down a deep social media rabbit hole… to come out of it way later than expected. I want to be better with this for sure. Less is More! Less scrolling and more business building.

An interesting technique that Greg highlights in the book is the 90% rule. Do an audit of any aspect of your life… Clothes, activities, upcoming events, social media, fitness, etc. Think about the most important criteria needed for any of those. If it doesn’t score a 90% or above in your grading system, then chances are you don’t need it.

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It’s tough, for sure. Because what about FOMO?! FOMO is real and it hits us hard sometimes. More often than not, we are too scared to say no, scared to miss out on an opportunity or scared to miss out on a little fun. It’s hard but there are trade offs in everything we do in life. 100% our efforts should be focused on the things that we love, that are a resounding YES! Our efforts and time better spent with those things that light our passion.

So the Call to Action here. I challenge you to do a quick audit of yourself. Can you find areas in your life where you can perhaps implement a little “Less is More.”

I know I’m going to be more mindful of this moving forward and try to dial my Less is More up a little bit higher.

Lastly, about that switch to Sling TV… putting a little extra dough in my pockets … so I can put some extra doughnuts in my belly. Less is More win! 🙂

Have a great week everyone!




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