Fitness Myths – Episode 10 – Say No to Fats in Order to Lose Fat!

Welcome to Episode 10 of Fitness Myths! We’ve covered many interesting and exciting topics in this series. If you have any topics or ideas that you want discussed, throw them in the comments section below… And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

“I’m just going to have a salad for lunch. I’m on a diet”

“I’m going to stick to fat free foods. I’m on a diet”

You get the point. The list goes on when it comes to diet cliches. At the end of the day dieting is twofold for the most part;

  • Dropping some excess LBs
  • Feeling good about yourself

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to dieting and losing weight is that you need to avoid fat. Avoid fat like it’s the plague. It’s unfortunate that some people have been led to believe that they have to say no to fat in order to lose fat.


The short version here is that eating fat is not making you gain fat. The over consumption of fat (and really any macronutrient for that matter) is what’s helping you gain fat. When calories in is more than calories out… “HOUSTON! We have a problem.”

And not to over-complicate things (and this one will probably blow your mind)… Sometimes calories in is so much lower than calories out that our body is literally like “Dude! WTF!.” So our body adapts in an effort to survive and learns to operate on less calories, essentially throwing your metabolism all out of wack. And then all you do is inhale some donut air and you gain 15 pounds (sulking face emoji).


We’ve said this numerous times throughout our blog… Our body was designed to survive. If you subject it to harsh conditions (i.e. avoiding fat/limiting calories), your body will find ways to adapt. One of those ways is when you slightly deviate from those salads and have some pizza/burgers/donuts over the weekend, all those calories are not burned. Your body stores those precious calories. We need fat to survive so a slight increase in cals above our newly tanked metabolic rate will most likely lead to stored fat.

Crazy huh? Eating less can actually lead to weird weight gain.

Fats are delicious… Cheese, avocados, eggs, burgers, etc. Don’t deprive yourself of such delicious things.


The journey to sustainable fat loss is usually a slow & steady one. It requires balanced nutrition that is tailored to your goals (so you’re not going hANGRY all the time) and a good/regimented workout plan (nothing crazy, 3/4x a week).

There is a ton of useful information out there on the interwebs. Take the time to educate yourself and ensure you’re doing things the right way. In the event you need some guidance, reach out to us and lets get to talking and transforming!

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