My Leg Day Workout and Why

The dreaded leg day – am I right? The thought of a Leg Day Workout makes many run for the hills, suddenly catch a last minute illness or postulate that you can’t train legs on a quarter moon night (or half moon or full moon or pretty much any night). We’ve written about training legs many times on the blog (Like Here and Here) and some would say that it’s our favorite day (at least mine – sicko right?). But from now on, every now and then, we’ll be diving into why we do what we do in our leg day workout. This is one of those “every now & then” moments.


Cable Pull Through  4 x 12- From a guy’s perspective, this is perhaps one of the most uncomfortable movements you can do. It just does not scream testosterone and PRs. HOWEVER! If you suffer from “sleepy butt” syndrome, then this move is a must.

I have always struggled with feeling my glutes work and activating them. For many many years, my booty has not been poppin. I have really been focused on growing some powerful glutes and for me personally, this movement really allows me to feel them working and begin to activate them.

Step Ups 4 x 12 – One word… “Functional”. Step Ups is a movement we for the most part do in every day life. So getting good at them will be a massive improvement in the quality of your life, especailly as we get older.

Glutes & Hammies. Secondary muscles used in the movement but for my purposes, it’s win!

Squats w/ Elevated Heels 4 x 12, 12, 10, 8 – I tend to use a 45lb plate and I’m increasing in weight after each set.

Unfortunately, one of the gifts of my 30s has been some knee tendinitis. Compound movements get it to flare up so I have shied away from heavy weight. I need to utilize creative tactics to still activate dem quads and create some solid muscle growth.

Elevating your heels decreases range of motion at the hip and improves range of motion at the knee, helping to recruit more quadriceps muscle fibers. More activation sounds like a win to me!

Leg Press 5 x 10(ish) – Each set is 1:30 long and the eccentric portion should be 6 seconds minimum.

Have you read our article on negative training? Please read here. Utilizing negative reps can lead to mucho gains (that’s many gain in Spanish). They also just suck and normally what sucks in bodybuilding tends to be something we don’t want to do but is actually good for you (aka leg day).

Leg Curls 4 x 15 –  I do 10 half reps at the top followed by 5 full ROM reps.

The half reps places more stress on the hamstring as you’re constantly keeping the muscle contracted and having to fire at a much quicker rate. It is also a good shock tool as your hamstring is not normally called to function in that fashion.

And that’s that beautiful people. Hope you enjoy that leg day. Let us know if you fire up any of the above in your workout or happen to go through the full leg day workout.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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