The Secret to Becoming Healthier

I was originally going to title this article, “The Secret to Losing Weight.” Because my inspiration for this article is stemming from New Year’s. You know, that “New Year, New Me” motto you’ve heard one too many times. And that got me thinking, losing weight is part of a much bigger goal. Sure, the aesthetic and superficial aspects are great. But many of us make resolutions because we just want to feel better, be better, do better. So I figured, lets make this about “The Secret to Becoming Healthier.”

Check out this graph;

new year's resolutions statistics

I got it from Statistic Brain here.  I have highlighted everything that is arguably about becoming a “healthier” individual.

  • Lose Weight? – Pretty obvious
  • Life/Self Improvement? – Sure, if we level up as an individual we become more confident/happier and that leads to health
  • Quit Smoking? – No cancer, bad breath, rotting teeth, fully operational lungs. Sounds like a win.
  • Workout More? – Gains. And other stuff.


That’s a pretty incredible 46.3% of people that wanted to achieve a “healthier” self in 2017.

You know what percentage of those people succeeded?

A sky-high 8% (most commonly cited statistic).

That sucks!  Usually as January comes to an end, more than 50% of those that made a New Year’s resolution have already fallen off or just given up. That leaves a slippery slope of 11 months to navigate. 335 days of digging deep, finding motivation and actually making this your year.

new year's resolution humor

So what gives?! Honestly, I think shooting for the moon is a big part of it. Many of those that make resolutions go all in. “I want to lose 50 pounds.” “I want to workout 5 days a week.” “I want to read 1 book a week.” If you’re going from nothing to something that drastic, it’s a massive uphill climb. Not conducive to gaining momentum and the goal never seems closer to realization.

I don’t doubt that the 8% that succeeds sets realistic and achievable goals. They knock off those goals, gain momentum (and fuzzy warm feelings inside) and then set new goals. But probably more important than anything, is that they set the mindset first. Achieving something great takes time. Being comfortable with some setbacks is needed to not blur your vision and eventually cause you to fall off.

And that really brings us back to the original point of this article… What is the secret to becoming healthier? Honestly (and I’m sure you’ve heard this), there isn’t one. It’s just a pretty simply equation.

Effort + Consistency = Success

What if this is the year you lose 5 pounds? Pretty small number. Maybe making the effort of bringing in your lunch and being consistent about it is enough to get you there.

dieting humor

What if we just shoot to workout once a week? One hour workout is less than 1 percent of your week. Seems realistic. Make the effort of working out once a week and become consistent at that. Pat yourself on the back, be proud of that and build off of it.

Don’t really read much but want to up your game? What about just reading for 20 minutes a day? Less than 2% of your day and seems less aggressive than focusing on cramming a book a week. Make the effort and be consistent. Build off of your daily wins.

And that’s it guys. I know i’m not saying anything revolutionary. But I think many of us our too hard on ourselves or just go 0 to 100. It’s easy to fall off going at that speed.

“Health” should be a forever thing. Treat it as something that you’re looking to build for the long run. Appreciate your wins – small or big – and immediate strive for more wins and next thing you know … 50 pounds later … you’re doing pretty fcking good at that New Year’s resolution.

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