The Recovery Toolbox

We all know that abs are made in the kitchen. And of course it is absolutely necessary to crush your workouts. But what about recovery? Ain’t gunna be no pretty muscles happening if our body isn’t working properly. Our precious joints & muscles take a beating and sometimes food & sleep is just not enough. Everyone needs a “Recovery Toolbox” to dig into when everything hurts.

Since I love you guys, I wanted to share my absolute go to’s when it comes to recovery. The big guns I call in when the week has been rough and my body is not having it. Below are some things that I keep ready in my Recovery Toolbox that have made life much more bearable.

joint soreness

doTerra Deep Blue 

This is a gift from the heavens. Probably the bodybuilding gods so we can treat our bodies right. doTerra Deep Blue is a powerful lotion and it’s regularly used by massage therapists. It provides a cooling & soothing effect to problem areas. So when you feel those D.O.M.S. kicking in, doTerra should be called in immediately.

I’ll be honest, Deep Blue can bring on a pretty intense burning sensation, especially for those that have never used it. But once that intense burn subsides, the calming effects kick in. And you’ll immediately start to feel great.


Lets be real… Weightlifting is brutal for the body. It’s without a doubt an intense stress on the body and your does not like to feel stressed. All about that mind over matter game, right? The joints, in particular, take a grunt of what we do. Those knees, shoulders. Sometimes the hips act up. You get the point.

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Biofreeze is a topical analgesic that provides immediate relief from many common conditions such as arthritis and other causes of muscle and joint pain (tendinitis anyone?). When my knees are on fire from a hard leg day, Biofreeze provides me unbelievable relief and comfort. I literally have a bottle in almost every room and in my gym bag.

TENS Stim Machine

Any of you mess with Electrical Stim Machines? Well you should. Game changer for me since I’ve incorporated it into my day to day routine. You might think it’s going to break the bank… Skip your fancy latte for 5 – 6 days and you’re good. I have the TENS Stim Machine by VIVE. And I have never gone past half power and my body is bumping.

Stim machines deliver electrical current to the body through electrodes attached to the skin. The name of the game is recovery… and faster… and research has shown that Stim Machines can accomplish this. It promotes circulation of blood flow, remove lactic acid, release endorphins, and promote muscle relaxation.

Collagen Peptides 

Lets face it… Getting older sucks (to a degree). Body isn’t the beautiful vessel it once was. But we work around that and find new ways to adapt. But with that in mind, we need to incorporate supplements that can help us offset Father Time. Collagen Peptides is one of those supplements that needs to be in your day to day routine asap.

Simply put, it’s packed with benefits. And you can just mix it in your daily coffee and reap the rewards. It’ll help preserve those precious joints of yours. Assist in keeping your skin looking youthful. And help maintain a healthy gut because digestion is a major key (#blessup).

So there you have. Since I love you guys, I wanted to let you in on some of my secrets. (Not really secret though if you follow me on the socials). These are all things I use regularly… Some days I’ll use them all in the same day if it’s been a rough week.

Hope some of this helps you guys out. Leave us a comment if you have other tools that you’re utilizing.


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