What is it?

Eat . Whey . Love – powered by Luisa Taddeo & Daniel Guzman – is centered around the belief that a healthy lifestyle is not only attainable but also enjoyable! It is geared towards both men and women interested in improving their health and their lives through healthy eating and exercise… while having a slice (or two) of the proverbial cake.

Eat . Whey . Love highlights both Luisa and Dan’s journey to becoming their best selves – while at the same time indulging their sweet tooth – and they want to bring as many people as possible along for the ride. Along the way, the blog will offer up tips, workouts, reviews, recipes, personal accounts, and motivation. Both Luisa and Dan pride themselves on living healthy and balanced lives…. but understand the importance of a night out or slamming down that heavenly burger. They offer their perspective in the hope of changing at least one life for the better.


Who are they?

Daniel Guzman is a WBFF Pro, fitness motivator, and certified personal trainer. A self proclaimed donut aficionado, Dan’s love for donuts is deeper than his squats (ayo!). Aside from spending time in the gym and obsessing over donuts, Dan enjoys all things superhero as well as being a pain in his dog Shadow’s ass. Working in the travel industry, Dan also has a long list of amazing places he dreams of visiting one day.   

Luisa Taddeo is a chemist, kitchen connoisseur, and relative fitness newbie. She has been known to rock out to the occasional throwback jam, is OBSESSED with gold glitter, and loves nothing more than watching puppy videos on the internet. As a child Luisa fell in love with science and this love of science and inquisitive nature has been a central theme throughout her life as she constantly tries to figure out the “why” in how the body operates. She works in the field of Research & Development which has translated perfectly into her second “lab” – the kitchen – where she whips up even more mad science.

Dan and Luisa met in the summer of 2014. Dan fell in love with Luisa instantly as they bonded over what they wanted to eat next. Soon after Luisa fell in love with Dan (Can you tell Luisa wrote this section? Haha) and then fell in love with his fitness lifestyle. Stamford, CT is where they both call home and where they both toil relentlessly trying to reach their fitness goals while meticulously plotting their next foodie adventure. There is no doubt that fitness has become a deep passion for the two and it has pushed them to continuously be better – fueling preps for 5 shows between them by end of summer 2016.


Why did they start this?

Eat . Whey . Love is an extension of a mission near and dear to both the hearts of Luisa and Dan. That mission is to help as many people as possible take that first step (which we all know is the hardest) into reaching their goals. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there…from the latest diets, to advice, to the hottest workout trend of the moment. It can sometimes become difficult to navigate through all of this. The hope is that Eat . Whey . Love becomes a source for reliable information, real experiences, humor, and above all else – motivation. The motivation needed to keep trekking down that path of self-discovery and self-improvement. Living a balanced and enjoyable life is easy and it certainly does not have to be at the expense of certain foods, nights out with friends, or free time because you’re spending hours in the gym. Diet doesn’t have to be that dreaded 4-letter word and fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. Life is too short to spend your time avoiding foods. Go ahead and have that donut you’ve been craving (or 6! Heck! We’ve been down that road too!). Luisa and Dan have experienced first hand the rewards of pushing your limits and creating balance. They want to pass off some of these learnings to as many individuals as possible to fuel that first step.